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there are all kinds of flowers

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What animals live in Cancun?

Something! :)

What kinds of animals live in Cancun Mexico?

There are over 125 mammals that live in Cancun Mexico. One example of animals that live in Cancun are the Agouti which is a large rodent that weighs between two and nine pounds

What kind of animals live in Czech republic?

trees flowers and plants of czech republic

How are plants and animals interdepenent?

Animals cannot live without plants because animals cannot use energy from the sun. Some plants need animals to help them live or reproduce: squirrels planting acorns, and bees pollinating flowers are two examples.

What animals and plants live on mt kilimanjaro?

There are several animals that live in Mount Kilimanjaro including monkeys, leopards, elephants and more. The plants that grow there range from banana trees and coffee plants to flowers and grass.

What do the animals eat that live on rocky mountains?

Animals on the Rocky Mountains eat a variety of vegetation; anything from mosses, small plants and flowers.

What type of plants and animals live there?

live where?. plants and animals live everywhere in the world :)

What do you call plants and animals that can live in water and on land?

plants and animals that live on land are called terrestrial animals plants and animals that live in water are called aquatic animals

What plants live near Meerkats?

plants and flowers

What plants live in grasslands?

the plants that live in grasslands are mostly wild flowers

Where do plants and animals live?

Plants and animals live in ecosystems. habitats

Were do butterflies live?

they live everywere were there is plants and flowers

What two plants and animals live in a tundra?

Small flowers, small shrubs, grasses, mosses, and many different animals like rodents, wolves, foxes, and herd animals.

What plants live on ben nevis mountain?

Flowers Plants

What is the name for where plants and animals live?

The overall designation for where plants and animals live is their "habitat."

Can flowers or plants live in chlorine treated water?

Flowers or plants can not live in chlorine treated water. This is because the chlorine chemicals shutdown the organelles of the plants cells.

What do seeds eat?

Seeds come from plants and flowers and the plants and flowers need the sun particles live.

What creatures live on flowers?

I don't think any any animals live on flowers,but maybe flower beetles try to live on flowers.

Could plants live without people an animals?

Plants need carbon dioxide to grow. People and animals produce the most carbon dioxide. Plants need animals to live. Animals need plants to live.

Why do plants and animals live in water?

plants and animals live in water because its just they way the want to live

With what plants does a bobcat live?

flowers and weeds

What plants live in Mammoth Cave?


What factors limit where plants and animals can live?

the factors limit where plants and animals can live is that a forests

Do plants or animals live in the Kalahari Desert?

A variety of plants and animals live in the Kalahari Desert.

What are some animals that live plant?

All herbivores animals eat plants. They live on plants.