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What plants grow faster than others?


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mostly small.But plants grow faster in sunlight.

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do bean plants grow faster than tomatos

No, plants need light to live and grow.

some plants grow slower than others because they put the seed in quicker

beans take about a day longer to start growing but after that they grow much faster.

i think plants with more leaves grow faster because roots grow faster the more they get H2o but with plants with fewer leaves grow slower because they don't get that much support from they root arrow

Yes, that is why plants grow faster than animals.

plants grow better with classical music rather than rock!!(:

Plants having water have turgid cells. Turgidity helps in cell division as well as cell elongation. Hence these plants grow faster than water scare plants.

The answer to that question is undetermined. Some kids grow faster than other and slower than others and if they are done growing, then they will not grow, even in spring.

PeaPlants cannot grow faster than corn plants. To investigate this idea through scientific it your self!

Plants will grow faster with sugar water than with salt water. Salt will draw water away from the plant instead of feed it.

Plants grow faster in June than in summer for a couple of reasons. They are younger, so they are growing to reach maturity and growing conditions are usually more favorable in June.

the factor use to help predict why the populations of some countries grow faster that others is age-structure diagrams

actually it does grow faster but it also makes the plants unhealthy.

Well plants with out seeds are actually man made so they dont make seeds because of that but if they are organic for some plants it might grow faster it just depends on the plant really

If you notice that some soda grow faster than water in plants. Some sugar in soda kill the plants. So there is your answer, some sugar in soda kill plants.

well it depends. some people grow hair faster than others. everyones different.

Because there is more nutrients in soil rather than dirt

Compost tea is a liquid made with the liquid discharge of composed plants. It is great for the garden.

It depends on what plant you are referring to, as there are millions of plants out there; some grow better in sand, and others grow better in soil. But most plants will grow better in soil than sand.

plants vary dramatically as to how much sunlight would benefit them. some plants grow better in direct sunlight while others thrive shaded conditions. the fact is all plants need sunlight to produce food through photosynthesis. so the best answer is that the vast majority of plants grow better in sunlight rather than shade

Do strawberrys grow faster than tomatoes

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