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What plants live in swamps?

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Aquatic plants

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What kind of plants live in swamps?

swamp plants

Where do raspberry turtles live?

they live in swamps and the blend into plants

What are some plants that live in swamps?

mosses maybe

How do swamp plants survive in swamps?

they is water !! plants need water to live

Do swamps need sun?

Yes. All plants need sunlight, including those that live in swamps.

What plants live on swamps?

Ferns and some liverworts etc.

Are there any plants in swamps?

Yes, there are plants in the swamps. Lots and lots of plants growing everywhere.

Are there plants in swamps?


Can deer live in swamps?

Yes deer can live in swamps.

What do grasshoppers like for a home?

Grasshoppers live mostly near low growing plants or swamps.

What animals and plants live in the swamp?

many birds live in swamps cause idk i know alot of birds go there

Do turtles live in swamps?

Yes the do, but not all of the turtles live in swamps :)

What kind of frogs live in swamps?

all frogs live in swamps

Do hawks live near swamps?

no they do not live in or by swamps they live in trees and build nests

Examples of plants in the swamp?

The plants that live in swamps vary based on temperature and location. I have listed below examples of different plants in different types of swamps. cypress trees, palms, hardwoods (tupelo), epiphytes-orchids and bromeliads, heraceous vines, poison ivy.

What is the habitat of a grasshopper?

Grasshoppers live mostly near low growing plants or swamps. Obviously, they were named after grass so they mainly live around plants because that's what they eat.

Can sharks live in swamps?

It depends on what kind of shark it is. Bull sharks can live in swamps.

Where do crocodile live?

they live in swamps

Do beavers live in swamps?

Yes Beavers Do Live In Swamps And I Have Observed This By The Swamp Up My Street Where 3 Beavers Live.

Do woodpeckers live in swamps?

Woodpeckers generally live in heavily wooded or plains areas. Woodpeckers usually do not live in swamps as the air in swamps is very humid and keeps wood damp.

What are some plants found in mangroves?

Ferns live in mangrove swamps, as well as some kinds of pine and palm trees.

What lives in swamps?

trees, and duckweed plants and water hyacinth plants.

Why are honeyeaters only live in swamps and forests?

They don't. We eat honey but we don't live in forests or swamps.

What plants grow in swamps?

Gorgeous flowers

Can geckos live in swamps?

no they live in Madagascar

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