Caspian Sea

What plants live in the Caspian Sea?

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What is the wordls largest lake?

it is the Caspian seait is the Caspian seait is the Caspian sea

Do sturgeon live in the sea or ocean?

sturgeon can live in a sea such as the Caspian sea(which is truly a lake) but also live in gulfs and streams

What hemisphere is Caspian Sea located at?

the Caspian sea is in the Eastern Hemispherethe Caspian sea is in the Eastern Hemisphere

What is the climate around the Caspian Sea?

The Caspian Sea is mild in the north The Caspian Sea is warm in the south

What continet is the Caspian Sea on?

The Caspian Sea is in Europe.

Caspian Sea a lake or a sea?

Caspian sea is really a lake.THE BLACK SEA

Into which sea does the River Volga flow?

The Caspian Sea: It has a delta. In Caspian Sea.

Which rivers drain into the arctic sea and Caspian sea?

Volga into Caspian Sea

What is bigger the Caspian Sea or Lake Windermere?

The Caspian Sea.

What continent is the Caspian Sea on?

The Caspian Sea is located in Asia.

Is Caspian Sea in Europe?

Yes, the Caspian Sea is in Europe

Which is larger the Caspian sea or lake superior?

caspian sea

What sea is east of the Caspian sea?

Aral sea is east of the Caspian sea in Northern Iran

Which sea is largest the north the mediterrian the Caspian or the south china?

The South China sea is the largest sea. The Caspian Sea is the largest lake. How is the Caspian Sea a lake?

What sea is the biggest south china sea Caspian sea and north sea?

the Caspian sea is the answer to youre question

What is the capital of the Caspian Sea?

The Caspian Sea does not have a capital, because it is not a country.

How high is the Caspian sea?

In 2004 the Caspian Sea was 28 meters below sea level

What is the difference between Caspian sea and Arabian sea?

what is the diffrence between caspian sea and arabiansea

What is Caspian Sea continent name?

Caspian Sea is in Asia; it is an error to consider this sea in Europe.

Why is Caspian Sea a misnomer?

Caspian Sea is a misnomer because it's not a sea, it's a lake.

How is Baltic sea connected to Caspian Sea?

The Baltic sea is connected to the Caspian Sea by the Volga-Baltic Waterway.

What hemisphere is the Caspian sea in?

Caspian sea is in the eastern hemisphere of seas and oceans

What country borders the Caspian Sea to the south?

Iran is south of the Caspian Sea.

What continent are the Caspian sea located?

EuropeThe Caspian Sea is located in Europe

What is the longest river in Europe that flows through the Caspian Sea?

Caspian Sea

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