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Floyd Mayweather is the athlete who earns the most money. He earns $105 million as a boxer, with Cristiano Ronaldo and LeBron James trailing behind him.


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Lebron James USA and NBA Miami heat basketball player earns $26,000

I would say football because it is the most physical and it has the most gear. A professional football player earns about 600,000 dollars a year.

I think aerospace earn the most money

A surgeon earns the most money at $206 000 a year, $17166 a month, $4300 a week and $613 a day

As opposed to being unemployed, jobs definitely earn the most money.

Mohamed Hosni Mubarak. He earns most of his money from tourism. He is known to be the longest president to stay in his presidential seat. Quite simply, he hogs all the money possible from his country.

well because he is the best player in the world i would say Lionel Messi but it might be Wayne Rooney

the nurse that gets paid the most is the LPN

I do not really give a *****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************8.

In most of the cases, education earns more money; then, money earns more money.

baseball player u half a meetball

Not definite , But I Think It's Ronaldo

ATM, Samuel Eto'o who plays for Anzhi Mackakala earns the most money a week, i think 300k a week

The Queen of England. Bill Gates comes in second.

German national Mesut Oezil is currently Arsenalâ??s most expensive player. The Gunners are reported to have paid 44 million pounds for him in 2013.

Kobe earns the most money in the NBA thanks to his MVP season last year. While Lebron slipped to second when his Microsoft contract expired. Kobe-45 million Lebron- 40 million

The company that earns the most money in the world is Walmart.

Their estates earn the money from royalties, patents, ETC and it is rarely made public

messie he earns about 2 billion a week

since 2007 [or at least i know] today the chocolate that has been getting er... earning the most money is the hershey bar

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