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What player is the most famous short stop?

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it's hard to say. I think that Honus Wagner is probably at the top of that list but there are sure to be others that compete with him

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Where are most baseballs hit in a game?

Short stop

What was Grover Cleveland most famous for?

stop this nonsense

Who is the player in softball that plays between 2nd and 3rd base?

Its called short-stop

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What is the most popular position in softball?

I would have to say short stop

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What is the position called when a player in baseball stands between second and third base?

short stop

Who has played the most games at short stop in Angels history?

red socks

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Why is it called short stop in softball?

It is called Short Stop because it is a short distance and they help out everyone in their position......(:

What famous short stop and longtime captain of the New York Yankees turns 36 today June 26th?

Derek Jeter

Is short stop a proper or a common noun?

The term 'short stop' (two words) is a noun phrase made up of the common noun 'stop' described by the adjective 'short'.The noun 'shortstop' (closed compound noun) is a common noun, a general word for the baseball player in the infield between second and third base; a word for any shortstop anywhere.

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What does put out mean in baseball?

The term put out simply means the player who makes the out final. For example, on a ball hit to short, the short stop fields and throws to first for the out. The short stop is credited with an assist and the first baseman with a put out. Also, on a strike out, the catcher is credited with the put out and the pitcher with an assist.

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Short stop (:

Nippon Professional Baseball2000 what short stop has 2000 hits?

What Japanese short stop has 2000 hits?

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Short Slop

Correct way to throw the ball around the horm?

3rd to 2nd, 2nd to short stop, short stop to 1st

Who replaced Phil rizzito at short stop?

The Yankees replaced Phil Rizzuto with Gil McDougal to play short stop.

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