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What player struck out the most times in a row?

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Reggie Jackson

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Who won Wimbledon eight times in a row?

No player has ever won Wimbledon 8 times in a row.

What is the record for most ollie's in a row?


How many times can a player sit out during a softball game in a row?

A player can sit out at least 3 times during a softball game in a row.

How many times did Wayne Gretzky win the MVP?

Wayne Gretzky won the Most Valuable Player award nine times in a row

Who along with his brother struck oil 81 times in a row in Oklahoma?

Frank Phillips

What the record for the most bounce by a basket ball you a row?

1,723,893 times in a row by Jared Drach

Which country has won the world cup most times in a row?

Italy Spain and Brazil have won world cup two times in a row.

How many times can a player hit the ball in volleyball?

any amount of times but they can not hit it twice in a row

Who is the player who won the US Open 5 times in a row?

Roger Federer

How many years can an NFL player receive the franchise tag?

A player can be franchised a maximum of three times in a row.

How many times in a row did auburn beat Alabama?

The most is 6 between 2002-2007. But Alabama leads with the most wins in a row by 9.

Who is the most famouse soccer player in the world?

the most famous soccer player in the world is Lionel messi he plays for Barcelona fc and Argentina fc so far he has won fifa player of the year 2 times in a row .and his motto is ''nothing is impossible''

How do you get the green guy emblem in mw3?

you have to kill the top player 10 times in a row.

How many times should the player hit the ball in volleyball?

Each player can only hit the ball once in a row.

What Arsenal player set the record for most appearances in a row?

Tom Parker

Has anyone won 3 Superbowl's in a row?

player with most consecutive superbowls

Who is the only player to win the European footballer of the year three times in a row?

michel platini

Which Indian player won the national title for badminton 9 times in row?

prakash padukone

What nhl team has made the playoffs the most times in a row?

Edmonton oilers

Who has had the most hat tricks in a row?

There are three or four players with two games in a row, Alex Burroughs (canucks) just tied it. No player ever has three games in a row!

How many times is merily sang in Row row row your boat?

Merily is mentioned 4 times in one verse.

What is messi achievements?

Messi's achievements are winning player of the year 2 times in a row 2009 2010

Which tennis player won at Wimbledon six years in a row?

Nobody won the Wimbledon Tournement six times in a row, but Bjorn Borg and Roger Federer won it five years in a row, and that's the world record.

How do you play saints row 2 on two player campaign?

No I searched it up so many times everybody said there is No two player local

What player has won the premiership and championship?

Chelsea has beaten Manchester utd 3 times in a row for the championship title