What players have won NCAA and NBA championships?

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Glen Rice (Michigan and Los Angeles Lakers)

Nazr Mohammed (Kentucky and San Antonio)

Richard "Rip" Hamilton (UConn and Detroit)

Corliss Williamson (Arkansas and Detroit)

Antoine Walker (Kentucky and Miami)*

Michael Jordan (North Carolina and Chicago)

Magic Johnson (Michigan State and Los Angeles Lakers)+

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (UCLA, Milwaukee and Los Angeles Lakers)#

Billy Thompson (Lousville and Los Angeles Lakers)+

Bill Walton (UCLA, Portland)#

James Worthy (North Carolina, Los Angeles Lakers)

Henry Bibby (UCLA, Knicks)+

Bill Russell (USF, Boston)+#

K.C. Jones (USF, Boston) #

Isiah Thomas (Indiana and Detroit)

Tom Gola (La Salle and Philadelphia Warriors)

Additions (likely others not yet included):
Jerry Lucas (Ohio State, New York Knicks)
Gail Goodrich (UCLA, Los Angeles Lakers)
Quinn Buckner (Indiana, Boston Celtics)
Clyde Lovellette (Kansas, Minneapolis Lakers)

Dereck Anderson (Kentucky 1996, Miami 2006)
*Anderson was teamate of Antoine Walker in both instances, making them one of
two pairs to win championship in college and nba together, joining K.C. Jones and
Bill Russell, respectively.

+ Henry Bibby, Bill "Rings" Russell, Ervin "Magic" Johnson and Billy Thompson are the only players to win an NCAA title one year and an NBA championship the next.

#Russell, Jones, Walton and Abdul-Jabbar are the only guys to win multiple NCAA titles and multiple NBA titles.

It should be noted that some players like Gola won NIT championships, which at the time was the top tournament in college basketball.(Gola also is only person to win NBA '56, NCAA '54 and NIT '52)

Dont forget Eric Riley!!! (University of Michigan and the Houston Rockets) (I don't wanna erase someone else' work, but Eric Riley never won an NCAA championship, the fab five only reached title game twice and he redshirted 1989 season that Michigan won ncaa title, and in NBA, was placed on injured reserve before playoffs of rookie year 1993-1994 with rockets, so i find it hard to count a guy who never played a minute of playoffs or marchmadness years his team won)
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Which player won a ABA NCAA and NBA championship?

Answer . Tom Thacker won two NCAA titles with Cincinnati in 1960/61 and 1961/62.. He was on the Celtics team that won the NBA title in 1867/68, and he played for the India

Which 4 players won consecutive NCAA and NBA championships?

Bill Russell (1956-San Francisco Dons) and (1957-Boston Celtics).. Henry Bibby (1972-UCLA Bruins) and (1973-New York Knicks). Earvin Johnson (1979-Michigan State Spartans) a

Which current NBA players have won a NCAA championship?

1. Carmello Anthony. 2. Joakin Noah. 3. Corey Brewer. 4. Al Horford. 5. Mike Dunleavy. 6. Shane Battier. 7. Carlos Boozer. 8. Grant Hill. 9. Ray Allen. 10. Richard Ha

What players have won multiple NCAA basketball titles and an NBA championship?

Clyde Lovellette - Olympics, 1952; NCAA, 1952; NBA, 1954, 1963-1964 . Bill Russell - Olympics, 1956; NCAA, 1955 and 1956; NBA, 1957, 1959-1966, 1968-1969 . K.C. Jones - Olym