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Machiavelli is makes the point that those who obtain a principality by wickedness obtain power, but do not obtain glory. He shows this by showing that Agathocles was very cruel in his escapades as a tyrant. In the Prince he shows that Agathocles only ever used his military to seize power. He never tried to have good public relations he was only feared. Later, in the Prince we learn that this meant that he is a lion. He only used force and fear to control his kingdom. He killed all of the rich people in sicily and all of the Senate with his army. He killed friends to make sure that no one would be able to seize power from him. Ultimately, from a philosophical point of view one could say that Machiavelli used Agathocles the same way Borgia used Dorco. He used him to establish himself as a prince and appeal to his audience. He appeals to Christians by using Agathocles to show that he does not agree with the way he obtained his power. He wants the reader to see him as correct as to the way that we are supposed to obtain glory. He is very deceptive

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Q: What point does Machiavelli make about Agathocles of Sicily?
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