What point the common good of society limit your rights?

The common good is beneficial to everyone or most everyone.

The common good is better for society because it is beneficial to everyone whereas individual rights only suites the user of the rights. In fact , even the founders of this country even thought that common good was more important because for example: If there were a bunch of people in the movie theater, and one person randomly yelled, "FIRE!," or "HES GOT A GUN!"that would be for the individual rights, not the common good and also would cause major panic. It is not good for everyone because maybe a man who heard that person yell "FIRE"(or the gun) spilled their drink while getting up trying to escape and tripped on an ice cube, fracturing his spine or breaking other bones. This would end up in court and the guy who yelled fire would be guilty because he technically put everyone in the theater in an unsafe situation. Its those who may abuse their rights who defiantly do not