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Unless the officers are on patrol, many of their duties can be performed without the uniform. Most prefer to wear the uniform.

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What jobs do you have to wear a uniform?

armed forces, hospitality, airline, police, chauffeur, etc.

What types of jobs do you have to wear a uniform?

Jobs that have a specific uniform include officers of the law (police, detective, sheriff, etc), any position on active duty with the military, maid service in most hotels and some customer service outlets like restaurants and department stores. However, most jobs have either a written dress code that can make employees look like they are wearing a uniform even if they are not. This is often the case in department stores, fast casual restaurants, doctors offices and other places. For example, the dress code at KMart used to be black pants with a collared white or red top and a red KMart-issued vest over top. All the employees were easily identifiable because they were wearing distinctive clothing, but this wasn't a true uniform as you would have individuals wearing anything from black jeans to black dress slacks, and white or red shirts ranging from a button down to a polo. If a uniform were required, you would see everyone wearing the exact same color, cut and style of clothing.

What percent of jobs have uniforms?

There is an estimate of 60% of jobs require a uniform!

Where can police chief jobs be found?

Police chief jobs can be found anywhere in the world where there is a force of police. Cities are the most common locations of police forces, so it is in cities, specifically, where jobs for police chiefs are to be found.

What is a policemans jobs?

Which branch of the police? The Grammar Police?

Are new jobs open in Punjab police?

inspector in Punjab police

What jobs are in the police force?


What jobs do dogs undertake when working with the police?

The jobs that do dogs undertake when working with the police is Military Working Dog Handler.They are trained police officers with a fashion for working with dogs.

Do police get vacations?

Different police do different jobs at different times, so police do get vacation at times.

List 3 ways that Africa is uniform?

its places homes jobs

How can I apply for Houston police jobs?

The best way to apply for Houston police jobs is to go directly to the Human Resources department of the Houston police station and find out what the requirements are for the job.

Where do I go to learn about Spokane city job opening?

You can search for jobs in the city of Spokane at They currently have police officer, clerks and police dispatcher jobs available.

What jobs involve dogs?

Police and Army

What jobs can you do in law?

police officer juge

What are some jobs like a detective?


What jobs are there in Iran?

1 is a police oficer

Is there any jobs for felons in a police force?


Where can one find jobs at the Avon and Sommerset police?

Jobs at the Avon and Sommerset police can be found on their official website. There they have job openings available and information including what a day in the life of a police officer is like.

What jobs use 24 hour time?

doctors , police , soldiers and polices

Are there many legal careers for someone without a college degree?

"Yes, there are tons of jobs that you can get without a college degree. A few is police officer, court reporter, mechanic, web designer, and much more."

What is the top jobs in Brazil?

the top jobs in brazil is police. Because then you have the rights and the law on your side.

What are the 10 top jobs in California?

police is one!

What are the most popular jobs in Germany?

being police

What are some jobs that people in Albania do?

police officers

What are some jobs related to police?

Some related jobs to police are SWAT, And also a type of patrol like Horse patrol, Motercycle patrol and bike patrol