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Jews could not own property, go to schools, write books and Jewish businesses were boycotted. Also, listening to the BBC because it was considered a source of the enemy and could cost you your life

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Is Germany an unlimited government?

Germany is an unlimited government because the people have almost no freedom

Describe Napoleon's policies towards religion in his empire?

Freedom of and freedom from religion was an essential part of good government.

What government policies pursues the economic goal of freedom?

Freedom is not a goal of economics, but there is economic freedom that allows all members,of a society to attain economic viability.

Government policies pursues the economic goal of freedom?

Protecting consumers from fraud <apex is gay>

The First Amendment freedom to lobby for laws and policies that affect them is called?

The First Amendment freedom to lobby for laws and policies that affect them is called freedom to petition.

What are the major characteristics of a democracy?

The major characteristics in a democracy include fair elections that include a secret ballot and the freedom of the press to write about democratic government policies. Other typical characteristics include the right to a speedy trial by a jury of one's peers, freedom of religion, and the right of peaceful assembly to address political and economic policies of the government.

Does Hitler allow freedom of speech within their country?

No. Hitler did not let freedom of speech in their country because the Nazis took over Germany's government and made Germany a communist country so they were not allowed to have freedom of speech.

What did the Freedom Riders do?

The Freedom Riders were activists who were determined to protest the segregationists policies of the deep South.

The object of edsa revolution?

The object of EDSA revolution is Philippine democracy. The Filipino citizens wanted to change the government officials and existing policies to attain freedom.

Freedom to petition the government to correct grievances?

The freedom to petition the government is the freedom of the press. You can write and say what you want.

In Germany do people have lots of freedom?

In Germany people have about the same degree of freedom as in most other European democracies.

What is the supreme courts rules on freedom of speech?

The freedom of speech comes from the Bill of Rights in the first amendment. Speech as in rulings by the Supreme Court can be used in many ways. Protesting government policies is freedom of speech, political cartoons, books, editorial letters, burning the flag , and other sources are part of the freedom of speech.

What are the Policies of freedom from nuclear weapons in the Philippines?

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Economic and social policies of diocletian and Constantine?

Economic and social policies of Diocletian and Constantine were suppressive. Their policies were based on were based on the loss of individual freedom and coercion.

How did imperial policies form the road to freedom?

it formed the road to freedom by all the members in war followimg rules....

Do people have freedom in Germany?


If money is the devil then what's God?

Freedom, freedom from taxes, freedom from the government, and religion.

Basic freedom in the Bill of Rights?

== == # Freedom of Religion # Freedom of the press # Freedom of speech # Freedom of assembly # The right to petition the government

What are some policies and laws did the Nazi government make to limit the freedom and rights of Jews in Germany?

They made small changes first, which eventually grew. Jews had to wear a yellow star of David to identify themselves as Jewish, then they were restricted to curfews, their stores and businesses were trashed and ransacked, and eventually they were forced into ghettos, then into concentration camps.

What human rights were violated in Nazi Germany?

In Nazi Germany, human rights that were violated were freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of protest, and the freedom to buy and sell certain goods. The only way to be accepted was to be a Nazi and a strong follower of Adolf Hitler.

What was a goal of president Wilson's new freedom policies?

To increase fairness in the economy

What was the goal of President Wilson's New Freedom policies?

To increase fairness in the economy

What are some pros and cons of unlimited government?

pros for limited governmentfree and open electionsfreedom of religionfreedom of speechfreedom of the presseconomic freedomprivacy rightsnot afraid of leader

Why do you have freedom of press?

That is a good question. And what is 'freedom of the press' anyway. The reason a government should affirm freedom of the press is to enable the free flow of ideas. In a democracy the authority to govern comes from the people. The people need to be able to freely access information and put information out for others to consume. Freedom of the press means freedom in all aspects of society, government, culture, art, science everywhere. A government that is under the authority of the people cannot suppress ideas in any area of human endeavor. It has been observed that freedom of the press belongs to who ever owns the press. But anyone, in a free society can buy a press or the use of a press because there is always someone who would sell you access to a press. In the age of the Internet everyone with a computer and an Internet hook-up can become an instant publisher. A government that is afraid of criticism does not have much confidence in their own policies. And maybe with enough criticism they will change their policies. A government that wants to silence the press is a government that wants to do things the way it wants and not necessarily the way the people want.

Why were people in Berlin Germany fighting over the Berlin wall?

The residents of Berlin, Germany, were not specifically fighting over the Berlin Wall. The Wall represented the separation of East Germany (under the control of communism) from West Germany (under a less oppressive government). Residents from East Germany were forbidden by their government from fleeing to West Germany, and thus those who valued freedom - in both the East and West - fought to bring down the Berlin Wall and reunite Germany as one nation.