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An increase in the money supply, which would produce a rise in prices received for goods and servises and a federal loan program



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Q: What political reforms did the people's party call for?
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What reforms did the peoples party call for in 1892?

National currency

What is one of the political party in the U.S.?

Democratic Party and Republican Party( you can also call it Grand Old Party )

The political party that opposed the Constitution was called?

In the United States we call them the Democratic party.

What do you call a district that favors one political party?


What political party did Jefferson supporters call themselves?

democratic republicans

What do you call a person who does not belong to a political party but stands for election?


How can one become a member of a political party in the US?

To become a member of a US political party, you can list or check your party preference when registering to vote. Alternatively, you can call the state or national political party office to be added to the membership list.

What reforms did the populist party call for?

1. Government ownership of the railroads 2. An income tax that was higher for the rich than for the poor 3. A loan program that would help farmers pay off their debts 4. Political reforms such as the direct election of senators 5. A shorter workday for laborers

What do we call someone who does not support a political party?

The person could be termed as being non-political. Or politically impartial. Or even sensible!

How do you call a person who refuses to join a political party?

Non-partisan or independent.

What do you call a group which supports its beliefs and candidates for office?

A group that supports its beliefs and political candidates is called a political party.

Who were the real founders of Pakistan peoples party?

Pakistan Peoples Party was the brainchild of some socialist minded people like J.A Rahim, Shaikh Rashid, Dr.Mubashir Hassan etc and it was the time when Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto decided to ditch Field Marshal Ayub (whom ZAB used to call "Daddy") and form his own political party. This socialist group came in contact with Bhutto and knowing his fire brand oratory qualities, they offered Bhutto to join this group and take up the name of Pakistan Peoples Party.

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