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Q: What political situation does the fable frogs wanted a king refer to?
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What are the release dates for The Frogs That Wanted a King - 1921?

The Frogs That Wanted a King - 1921 was released on: USA: 27 November 1921

Can frogs hibernate for a year?

If a frog really wanted to, I'm sure it could hibernate for as long as it wanted! But frogs usually only hibernate for the winter months.

Where did the fable the boys and the frogs originate from?

The fable is part of a collection of fables credited to Aesop, a slave and story-teller who lived in ancient Greece between 620 and 560 BCE. The main message of the fable is to always stop to think whether your fun may be the cause of another's unhappiness.

What was the political situation in 405 BC in ancient Greece when Aristophanes wrote The Frogs and what date was Frogs written?

The Frogs by Aristophanes was written and performed at the Lenea in 405 BC. The political situation in Athens at the time was fraught with danger and uncertainty. This was mostly due to their long battle with Sparta and her allied forces known as the Peloponnesian war. The Athenians were confined to their city as Spartan forces has permanently encamped at Decelia in the Attica(the area surrounding Athens). Their only hope at the time was to look up to the government for support and guidance. In the Parabasis of the Frogs, Aristophanes voices his personal concerns regarding the Athenian political system. As at the time it was run by Alcibiades, the nephew of Pericles, Aristophanes would have hoped the blood line of good political ethics would run through Alcibiades, and he would choose for Athens to fight to the bitter end. In saying this it also reflects his desire for the days when the Marathon men would return and run Athens and bring peace, rather than politicers like Cleon who encouraged war.

What did Abigail Adams believe were political injustices?

Kissing prince frogs...

How do frogs get in homes?

It won't actually be a good idea to try and get a frog in your home but if you wanted to, probably get what frogs eat and place it on you window or something.

What does it mean when dreaming about frogs and a spider?

People tend to think of frogs and spiders as nasty creatures and recoil from the thought of touching them. So this dream suggests that the dreamer is repulsed by something or some situation in real life.

The names of several of aesop well known fables?

Androcles FableAvaricious and Envious FableBelling the Cat FableHercules and the Waggoner FableThe Ant and the Grasshopper FableThe Ass and the Lapdog FableThe Ass and the ChargerThe Ass, the Fox, and the LionThe Ass in the Lion's Skin FableThe Ass's Brains FableThe Bald Man and the Fly FableThe Bat, the Birds, and the Beasts FableThe Belly and the Members FableThe Boys and the FrogsThe Buffoon and the Countryman FableThe Bundle of Sticks FableThe Camel and the ArabThe Cat Maiden FableThe Cock and the JewelThe Cock and the Pearl FableThe Crow and the Pitcher FableThe Dog and the Shadow FableThe Dog and the Wolf FableThe Dog in the Manger FableThe Dog Invited to SupperThe Dogs and the HidesThe Dove and the CrowThe Eagle and the Arrow FableThe Fisher FableThe Fisher and the Little Fish FableThe Fisherman and the Little FishThe Four Oxen and the Lion FableThe Fox and the Cat FableThe Fox and the Crow FableThe Fox and the Goat FableThe Fox and the Grapes FableThe Fox and the Lion FableThe Fox and the Mask FableThe Fox and the Mosquitoes FableThe Fox and the Stork FableThe Fox, the Cock, and the Dog FableThe Fox Without a Tail FableThe Frog and the Ox FableThe Frogs Desiring a King FableThe Goose With the Golden Eggs FableThe Hare and the HoundThe Hare and the Tortoise FableThe Hares and the Frogs FableThe Hare With Many Friends FableThe Hart and the Hunter FableThe Hart in the Ox Stall FableThe Horse and the Ass FableThe Horse and the StagThe Horse, Hunter, and Stag FableThe Jay and the Peacock FableThe Labourer and the Nightingale FableThe Lion and the BoarThe Lion and the Mouse FableThe Lion and the Statue FableThe Lion in Love FableThe Lion's Share FableThe Lion, the Fox, and the Beasts FableThe Man and His Two Wives FableThe Man and the Satyr FableThe Man and the Serpent FableThe Man and the Wood FableThe Man and the Wooden God FableThe Man, the Boy, and the Donkey FableThe Milkmaid and Her Pail FableThe Mischievous DogThe Miser and His Gold FableThe Monkey and the DolphinThe Mountains in Labour FableThe Mouse, the Frog, and the HawkThe Nurse and the Wolf FableThe Old HoundThe Old Man and Death FableThe Old Woman and the Wine Jar FableThe One-Eyed Doe FableThe Ox and the FrogThe Peacock and Juno FableThe Serpent and the File FableThe Shepherd's Boy FableThe Sick Lion FableThe Sick StagThe Stag at the PoolThe Swallow and the Other Birds FableThe Thief and the House-DogThe Tortoise and the Birds FableThe Town Mouse and the Country Mouse FableThe Tree and the Reed FableThe Trees and the AxeThe Trumpeter Taken Prisoner FableThe Two Crabs FableThe Two Fellows and the Bear FableThe Two FrogsThe Two Pots FableThe Vain JackdawThe Vine and the GoatThe Wind and the Sun FableThe Wolf and the Crane FableThe Wolf and the HorseThe Wolf and the Kid FableThe Wolf and the Lamb FableThe Wolf in Sheep's Clothing FableThe Woodman and the Serpent FableThe Young Thief and His Mother Fable

Where can you buy dead frogs?

You can't but why would you want to?! My suggestion is if you wanted it dead,find a wild one, kill it?

What can't a frog adapt to?

Some frogs are very adaptable to basically any situation, so it depends on the frog species. Most frogs are fairly flexible, but the one thing they probably can't adapt to very well is new predators.

What are some names of an Aesop fable?

The lion and his three counselors. The frogs desiring a king. The a** and the grasshopper. One of the most well known ones is the tortoise and the hare.

How do you keep frogs out of an above ground pool?

Buying a cover for the pool should take care of the situation. As long as it fits the pool properly

What kind of fish or frog would you get if you wanted to put it in a bowl?

One of those freaky psychedelic frogs from S. America; no, two.

What does it mean when you have a dreams with frog?

In the fairy tales of Western Europe and the Americas, frogs might be enchanted princes. So dreams containing frogs could represent the hope that some thing or situation (or person) that appears unattractive and disappointing might ultimately become something (or someone) wonderful.

How are dart frogs different from other frogs?

No. Frogs are just frogs what's the difference?

What does biotic and abiotic factors mean?

Biotic factors are living creatures or their remains that have an effect on a given situation. Abiotic factors are nonliving, nonorganic items that have an effect on a given situation. For instance, in describing the loss of frogs from a pond, a biotic factor may be the introduction of a non-native species that hunted the frogs to local extinction. An abiotic factor may be an increase in water pH caused by increased sulfuric acid levels due to acid rain.

Do frogs eat grasshoppers?

Frogs eat grasshoppers. At least i know bull frogs and wood frogs do.

How do frogs develop into frogs?

Frogs start out as tadpoles and then they develop into jumping frogs. They start life in water.

Are frogs males only?

No, there are female frogs and male frogs.

What is the collective noun for frogs?

The collective nouns for frogs are:an army of frogsa knot of frogsa colony of frogsa fester of frogsa bundle of frogseven a froggery of frogs

How are frogs camouflaged?

the frogs can't be camouflaged because no green matches frogs. or different colours for the other frogs.

Can you give me a personification sentence with frogs?

The frogs danced in the slimy cauldron. This is an example of using Personification with frogs because frogs do not dance.

What is the difference between African Clawed frogs and regular frogs?

Basicly African clawed frogs are bigger and have tiny claws and regular frogs are just frogs i suppose.

How do you make frogs lifetime frogs on pocket frogs?

Lifetime Frogs refers to the number of frogs you have ever owned during your game time. So get lots of froggies! :)

What is communalistic relationship?

Commensalism is a situation in which two organisms are associated in a relationship in which one benefits from the relationship And the other is not affected much Example: The frogs get shelter and water from the vermiliad but the vermiliad is unaffected