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What polygon has no right angle?

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There is only one regular polygon which contains right angles - this is a square. None of the other regular polygons from 3 sides and upwards has a right angle.

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What polygon has 1 right angle?

Any polygon can have a right angle. A right angled triangle is an example.

What is a polygon with one right angle?

Any polygon, if it is not regular, can have 1 right angle.

What polygon has one right angle?

A right angle triangle

What polygon always has a right angle?

Any polygon with 4 or more sides can always have a right angle.

Polygon equals 90 degrees the polygon is a?

No, no! A RIGHT angle is 90 degrees.

Is a right angle always a polygon?

A polygon is pretty much any enclosed shape constructed of straight line segments connected end to end. The angles do not have to be right. In fact, they usually aren't. A right angle would NEVER be a polygon, as it is just one right angle. In Euclidean geometry a right angle must be accompanied by two acute angles to form a triangle--the polygon with the smallest number of sides.

What angle do cut a polygon?

Any angle can cut a polygon.Any angle can cut a polygon.Any angle can cut a polygon.Any angle can cut a polygon.

Which of the 2d shapes has a right angle?

Any polygon can have one right angle, for example, a right angled triangle.

Is a right angle a polygon?

No because it just means an angle of 90 degrees.

Is an octagon a right angle?

While an octagon may contain right angles, the shape itself is not an angle but a polygon.

Shapes that have one right angle?

Any polygon can have just one right angle, from a right angled triangle upwards.

What polygon with no right angles?

All polygons can have right angles except for circle and ovulated shapes. The only 'regular polygon' that has a right angle is the quadrilateral.

What is a 7 sided polygon with one interior right angle?

An irregular septagon: the right-angle will prevent it being regular.

What shape has more than one right angle?

A polygon with 4 or more sides can have more than one right angle.

Why acute angle is not a polygon?

An angle is a measurement of degrees and as such it is not a polygon.

What is the exterior angle of a pollygon?

An exterior angle of a polygon is the supplement of the corresponding interior angle. The exterior angle is the angle between an extended sides of the polygon and the next side of the polygon.

What are polygons with at least one right angle?

There is no specific name, but "right-angled polygon" will suffice.

What is the measure of an interior angle of a regular polygon of 12 sides?

There is a formula which can help.The sum of the interior angles of a polygon is 2n - 4 right angles.When n = 12 then the interior angles total (2 x 12) - 4 = 24 - 4 = 20 right angles.Then for a regular polygon, each angle measures (20 x 90) / 12 = 150°.When the polygon is a regular polygon then it is perhaps quicker to calculate the external angle from which the interior angle can then be determined.Exterior angle = 360 /12 = 30°Interior angle = 180 - 30 = 150°

What polygon doesn't have at least one interior angle that is right or obtuse?

The answer to this would be any acute polygon, such as an equilateral triangle. The definition of acute polygons is that no angle in the polygon is greater than or equal to 90 degrees.

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