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All polygons can have right angles except for circle and ovulated shapes. The only 'regular polygon' that has a right angle is the quadrilateral.

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What polygon has five sides and two right angles?

An irregular pentagon is a polygon that has five sides and two right angles. A regular polygon on the other hand does not have right angles.

A polygon with 5 sides and 2 right angles?

a polygon with 5 sides and 2 right angles is a pentagon

Is there an irregular polygon with right angles?

Any polygon can have at least one right angled - for example a right angled triangle. An example of an irregular polygon with only right angles is a rectangle.

What polygon has only 2 right angles?

Any polygon with 4 or more sides can have only two right angles.

Polygon with sides and angles that are not congruent?

a polygon with 4 right angles and 4 sides of the same length

Can a pentagon have 4 right angles?

no, because a polygon with four right angles is a rectangle

Are there any figures that have only three right angles?

No REGULAR polygon can have three right angles in it. Any polygon with five or more sides CAN have three right angles, as long as it's not regular.

Interior angles of a polygon?

Interior angles of n-sided polygon total (2n - 4) right angles or 180n - 360 degrees.

What polygon has 2 right angles and 1 set of parallel lines?

Answera polygon that has two right angles and one set of parallel lines is a hexagon

What has five right angles?

Any polygon with at least 7 sides CAN have 5 right angles.

Can a right angled be a regular polygon?

Yes, as for example a square is a regular polygon that has 4 right angles.

How many sides does a polygon have if the sum is 540?

540o = 6 right angles so 5 sides (interior angles of any polygon = (2 x sides - 4) right angles.

What is a four-sided polygon with two right angles and two parallel sides?

A right trapezoid is a four-sided polygon with two right angles and two parallel sides.

Is a RHOBUSa polygon?

Yes it is a polygon with 4 equal sides but has no interior right angles

What is a polygon with one set of parallel sides and no right angles angles?

A polygon with 4 or more sides can meet these requirements.

Is there is relation between sides of polygon and angles of that polygon?

Yes. Internal angles of an n-sided regular polygon total 180n -360 degrees, usually expressed as (2n - 4) right angles

What are the numbers of right angles in the polygon?

A triangle can have 1 or less.A 4-sided polygon can have zero, 1, 2, or 4.A 5-sided polygon can have 3 or less.The possibilities always depend on the number of sides in the polygon,but the polygon is never required to have anyright angles.

How do you find the height of a trapezoid if it has two right angles?

Trapezoids do not have right angles. You probably thinking of a polygon or quadralateral.

What is the name of a polygo with 4 right angles?

A polygon with 4 right angles is a rectangle. (A square is a "regular" rectangle.)

How do you calculate the sum of interior angles of any polygon?

180n - 360 for any n-sided polygon (or 2n - 4 right angles)

Why a hexagon does not have right angles?

Because it's a 6 sided polygon and as a regular polygon each of its interior angles measures 120 degrees

Is a trapezoid with right angles a type of polygon?

yes it is a polygon. more specifically it is called a rectangle

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