What pool salt chlorinator system is better - polaris which requires some chlorine and shock treatment or the ultrapure turbo shock ozone generators that supposedly do not require any shock ever?

Of the two I would recommend the Polaris system. Don't go for gadgets and feature, go for a simple reliable unit. Polaris will use more dependable, attainable parts. Up to a short time ago I would have agreed with you completely. However I installed a new maganblu salt water system for my pool and this puts every thing I have seen before to shame different kind of salt and different filter media in the sand filter. A: You still have to add chlorine some to the water to sanitize the water. To rely wholy upon the other systems is not wise. Another Answer The UltraPure Ozone Generator is not a stand alone system. You will still require a 0.5 to 1ppm Chlorine or Bromine residual. The UltraPure Ozone Generator will handle the bulk of the oxidation work (60-80%) that the Chlorine would normally be required to handle, leaving the Chlorine available to handle the sanitation, not oxidation.