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What popular things were out when The Beatles were popular?


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People mostly remember the days The Beatles were popular for drugs, getting high, and running around shirtless. Other things that were popular during the early days of Beatle popularity are guys with long hair, bell bottom and hip-hugger jeans, tie-dyed shirts, the expression "groovy," Camaros, Mustangs, Corvettes, Firebirds, drive-in restaurants, and drive-in movies.

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The Beatles became popular in the 1960s and were popular for the next several decades. Their music is still listened to today.

The Beatles were a popular band in the sixties. 'Get back' is sung by the Beatles.

The Beatles were more popular, as they have sold more albums than Elvis.

The Beatles are one of (if not THE most) popular band in the world. I've never heard of Take That

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The Beatles were extremely popular, you just can't describe it.

the beatles already are more popular than green day

In terms of record sales, The Beatles.

Rockband The Beatles, because the Beatles did make Rock History.

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for the older ones Elvis for the kids the beatles for my opinion Elvis!!!!!

the beatles were the most popular band

The Beatles are the biggest selling rock/pop band in history, so in that sense they are the most popular group in history.

I have read many books about the Beatles. Only one impressed me. It said that the Beatles were the most popular band in the history of the world.

John Lennon of the Beatles said that about the Beatles.

Because of their talent and good looks.

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In general, I'd have to say the Beatles are more popular than Stevie Wonder. Of course, Stevie had a much longer career; but the Beatles broke more chart records than Stevie.

The Beatles White Album was known for aggressive guitar. This was actually one of the most popular of all of the Beatles albums.

The Beatles was a the most popular pop group in the mid sixties. They released 13 albums until they split up 1970. Popular songs of The Beatles are Yesterday, Yellow Submarine or Hey Jude.

of course Michael Jackson was better then the Beatles. Michael Jackson was the king of pop the Beatles was just another band. :P

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