Niall Horan

What position did Niall Horan play in soccer?


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Niall is a forward or the one who scores the goals

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Niall Horan plays American soccer, but if you are from England he plays football.

Niall Horan likes to play his guitar and he likes soccer to!

Yes and he still likes to play

No but he does play the guitar.

He likes to play soccer in his free time and he likes to hang out with the guys from one direction.

No, he plays the banjo

Play football, play guitar, and eat.

Just one. Niall Horan has been playing guitarsince he was 11 years old.

he was 12 when he started to play guitar

no, he is from banjoville, thats where he learned how to play the banjo.

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I doubt it. HABBO IS FOR KIDS 12 AND UP.

He play acoustic and he can play electric but rarely does and as for the brand I know he like yamaha(:

He has played the guitar since he was very young.

it dose not matter to him he just likes to play with it. :)

Hang out with friends, play guitar, write songs, ect.

A girl can play any position in soccer that they choose oor they want to play ,boys cant choose for us.

He plays acoustic guitar, but he could probably play almost any other guitar because they are all very similar

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