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Any position that keeps him from bacon in the sun.


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Bo Jackson played the 7th position as a coach in Baseball

Sanders was an outfielder during his baseball playing career.

He was primarily a Second Basemen.

I love baseball. Baseball is very fun for me since I'm good at it. I play catcher which is a tough position to play. I enjoy catching for good pitchers.

Mickey Mantle first tried to play the baseball position of shortstop. He believed he did not the timing required to play this position. He found himself making too many errors.

it depends on which position you play reply to say which position you play and i will give you a 95% accurate awsner

Centerfielder, Rightfielder, and Leftfielder DH also.

Pitcher. It takes much endurance and skill to be a pitcher.

He was a starting pitcher...great one too

Jackie robinson played baseball, not basketball

its the 9th which is right fielder, they barely ever get the ball

Fidel Castro played baseball. He was the pitcher. No one told him he had to play a different position.

Its definitely Conner Davis. He can play every position and do it great!

Tom Brady was a catcher when he played in high school

There is no such position in baseball. The running back position is used in American football.

In the show Step by Step, Al is the catcher of the baseball team.

Catcher. In 2011, Jorge Posada will be the Yankees designated hitter.

Lou Gehrig played baseball as a first baseman. Not soccer.

There is no actual "pig in a poke" football play. The sandlot strategy of hiding the football under the jersey (pig in a poke) is sometimes employed in pickup games.

they don't play with anything because there a lazy pig

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