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Mark Moseley was a place kicker for the Redskins from 1974 through mid season 1986.

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What position did Mark Moseley play?

place kicker

Who is the highest scoring redskins football player?

The Washington Redskins all time leading scorer is kicker Mark Moseley who played with the team from 1974-1986. He ended his Redskins career with 1,206 points. Moseley also holds the Redskins single season scoring record with 161 points in 1983.

Who was the only NFL MVP kicker?

== == Mark Moseley of the Redskins is the only place kicker to win the NFL MVP award. The year was 1982.

When was Mark Moseley born?

Mark Moseley was born on 1948-03-12.

What position did Mark Rypien play for the Washington Redskins in the Super Bowl?


What kicker got the regular season MVP?

Mark Moseley of the Redskins is the only place kicker to win the NFL MVP award. The year was 1982.

Who was the first player to surpass 160 points in a seawon without scoring a touchdown?

Mark Moseley, 1983, Washington Redskins.

What Washington Redskins made the Pro Bowl in the 1982 -83 season?

QB Joe Theismann, WR Charlie Brown, S Tony Peters, K Mark Moseley, and KR Mike Nelms.

What college did Mark Moseley play for?

Texas a and m

Who is Mark Moseley?

Mark DeWayne Moseley (born March 12, 1948 in Laneville, Texas), is a former professional American football placekicker in the National Football League who played for the Philadelphia Eagles (1970), the Houston Oilers (1971-1972), the Washington Redskins (1974-1986), and the Cleveland Browns (1986). With the retirement of the Minnesota Vikings' Rick Danmeier in 1982, Moseley became the sole full time straight on placekicker in the National Football League. Additionally, Moseley is the only placekicker in National Football League history to win the Most Valuable Player Award; he did so in the strike-shortened 1982 season. The Washington Redskins won Super Bowl XVII, beating the Miami Dolphins 27-17. In the game, Moseley kicked two field goals and was successful on all three of his extra point attempts. The following season, he led the NFL in scoring with 161 points. In 1986, the 38-year old Moseley was released by the Washington Redskins in the middle of the season. He is their all-time leading scorer with 1,207 points. He signed with the Cleveland Browns and retired at the end of the season. Mark Moseley was successful on 300 out of 457 attempts (65%), successful on 482 out of 512 extra points attempts (94%) and scored a total of 1,382 points.

Who was the quarterback on the 1992 Redskins?

mark rypien

Was Mark Moseley a barefoot kicker?

No. But he was the last of the straight-on kickers in the NFL.

What famous NFL player wears number 3?

Mark Moseley

Who is the voice of Mushu in Disney's Mulan 2?

Mushu is played by Mark Moseley.

Who are the Washington Redskins who wore 11?

Mark Rypien

Who was the redskins quarter back in 1992?

Mark Rypien

Who was the redskins quarterback in the1992 superbowl?

mark rypien

On Philadelphia Eagles in 1970 who were their kickers?

The placekicker was Mark Moseley and the punter was Bill Bradley.

Who was the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins in 2005?

Mark Brunell. 2005 was his second season with the Redskins.Patrick Ramsey was the backup.

Who was the Redskins quarterback in the 1992 Super Bowl?

Mark Rypien

Was Redskins kicker Mark Mosley a caucasian?

He was Caucasian (white)

Who was the quarterback of the Redskins in 1988?

Doug Williams started 10 games and Mark Rypien started 6 games for the 1988 Redskins.

Who was the Washington Redskins quarterback in 2006?

Mark Brunell started 9 games and Jason Campbell started 7 games for the 2006 Redskins.

Did mark Murphy ever win a super bowl with the redskins?

Yes, he was the starting free safety for the Redskins team that won Super Bowl XVII.

Who was the Quarterback of the Washington Redskins in the last Super bowl they won?

Mark Rypien