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Employers like candidates that are honest, have integrity, reliability and are able to work as a team. Experience and education in the field that you are allpying are also valuable assets.

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Is employ a verb or a noun?

Employ is a verb. Employer and employee are nouns.

What is the root word for employer?


Can you be self-employed and an employer at the same time?

Yes. If you employ yourself you're self-employed, and if you also employ others, you are an employer.

What is the noun form of employ?

The noun form for the verb employ is also employ, as in 'to be in someone's employ'. Other noun forms are employment, employer, and employee.

Turn employ into a noun?

The noun forms of the verb to employ are employer, employee, employment, and the gerund, employing.

What is the verb of employer?

The verb is to employ (employs, employing, employed).

An employer is required to file only an annual tax report on the employer?

Is an employ required to file only an annual tax report on an employer?

What is an abstract noun for employ?

The abstract noun forms of the verb to employ are employment and the gerund, employing.

What does hire mean?

To employ a person to perform duties specified by the employer.

What is the verb for employer?

The verb of employer is employ.Other verbs depending on the tense are employs, employing and employed.Some example sentences are:Why should we employ you?The company employs him.They are employing me.We employed the procrastinator by mistake.

What is the suffix of employ?

Some suffixes for the word 'employ' are: -er for employer -ee for employee -ment for employment -s for employs -able for employable

What is the noun of epmloy?

The noun forms of the verb to employ are employer, employment, and the gerund, employing.

Can an employer force you to sign an at will policy?

Technically an employer can't force you to sign anything. They generally can, however, opt to stop employing you (or not employ you in the first place) if you don't.

What is the plural noun for employs?

The word employs is a third person singular verb (employ, employs, employing, employed). The noun form for the verb employ is also employ, as in 'to be in someone's employ'. There is no plural form for this noun form. Other noun forms are employment (employments), employer (employers) and employee (employees).

How do you spell imployee?

The correct spelling is employee, a person who is employed by an employer.

How can you tell if someone is an illegal?

If you are an employer and wish to employ the individual there is a nationwide service that you can refer to to determine the immigration status of the person.

Can your employer terminate you for taking a year of leave due to illness?

That will depend on the benefits package provided by the employer. They are not under any obligation to re-hire or re-employ someone after a leave of absence.

If pardoned for a crime can an employer hold that against the person?

A pardon does not mean you never committed the crime, or that the offense "goes away." An employer may use any reason they wish to exercise their reasoning on whether or not to employ you.

What is the penalty for hiring illegal immigrants?

It depends on what country you're in. In the UK, an employer can be fined up to £25,000 for each illegal immigrant they employ. It's up to the employer to check whether a person is legally entitled to work.

Can a convicted felon work with children in Kentucky?

They can, as long as the conviction is not of any sexual or child endangerment offense, and whoever your prospective employer is chooses to employ you.

Give two examples of jobs where the employer could justify only employing people who belong to a certain race or religion?

religious places of worship e.g. church can only employ christians:) The Army e.g the army couldn't employ a member of the enemy :)

Can a previous employer tell a prospective new employer about how much sick time you used?

The only questions they are "supposed" to answer is How long you worked there and What type of employee were you considered while under their employ for the specific job that you were hired to do. They can verify the amount of pay you made and if you were punctual.

Can you withhold funds from independent contractors for any damages that they do while in your employ?

First an independent contractor is a self employed taxpayer and would NOT be your employee and you are NOT the independent contractors employer.

What is the word meaning to employ another person?

The initial act by an employer is to "hire" an employee.To accomplish something by the actions of another person would include terms such as surrogate or by proxy.

What sentence can you use with employ?

I wouldn't employ myself to answer this, even were I in a grammarian's employ!