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world war two had a positive effect on Canada because it boosted our economic system greatly. It also made women more respected. Canada gets more and more immigrants each year. After World War 2 we had a lot of people from different countries coming and living in Canada. We have gone from mainly farm land to towns and cities.

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Q: What positive effects did World War 2 have on Canada?
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Douse Any One Know Some Negative And positive Effects guns Had In World War 1 ?

Effects of world war 1 on Canada?

Debt Inventions

What were the positive and negative effects of the Treaty of Versailles?

positive effects: ended world war I, gave nations national identity and independence, and limited the powers of Germany Negative effects: eventually started world war II, gave rise to Hitler, and placed "war guilt" on Germany

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Some negative effects are Pollution,War,Sickness, and Starvation A positive effect is more labor force!

World War 2 Canada Netherlands?

The Netherlands had nothing to do with Canada that related them with world war I

How was World War I good for Canada?

Though there were a great many negative effects of World War 1 on Canada, there were some positive things. For example, women gained new jobs such as being ambulance, bus, and streetcar drivers. In addition, the war gave suffragism a huge push, many women gained the right to vote. Canada also gained nationalistic pride from battles such as the Battle of Vimy Ridge, and Canada gained international prestige and a seat at the Peace conference as well as the League of Nations.

Did the BCATP have a positive effect for Canada in World War 2?

Keeping large members of Canadians at home.Less casualties.

What were the negative effects of world war 1 on Canada?

The Canadian male population was devestated and The country rocked in debt

What are the positive effects of the civil war?

the end of slavery.

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What are 3 positive effects on war?

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What has greater inpact on canada ww1 or World War 2?

The greatest impact on Canada was as a result of World War II due to Canada's extensive effort in this war as opposed to World War I.

After effects of world war?

Depends. Which world war?

Did canada fight in World War 1?

yes Canada fought in world war 1 because Canada was a British colony, and when British was at the war, Canada found itself at the war automatically

What were the positive and negative effects of the Vietnam War?

Positive: Lessons learned Negative: casualties

What are the effects of World War 2 on Canada?

== == Read the very complete sets of answers that are contained in this sites category on "Canada in World War Two". This question, or ones very much like it, have been answered many times before.

What were the religious effects of World War I that lead to world war 2?

The idea that World War 1 had religious effects is novel.

How did World War 1 affect Canadian economy?

World War 1 affected Canadian economy in a positive way by giving Canada more job opportunities such as nursing, farm laborers and factory workers. Canada was also brought out of recession.

World War 1 and Canada?

Canada was not much involved with world war one but Canada served in world war 1 to help the UK Because they where very close countries

Which country was Canada in war with in world war 1?

canada was at war with a lot of countries

What was Canada's population in World War I?

Canada's population during the World war 1 was about 7,879, 000

Why did Canada fight ni World War 2?

Canada fought many battles in world war.

Do you believe nationalism and reform produce positive or negative effects in Europe?

Nationalism and reform had positive effects in the beginning. This led to unity, ambition, employment, optimism, etc. However, it eventually proved to be terrible as it was one of the reasons for World War I.