What precautions must you take when in a house during a lightning storm?

It is not a good time to be taking a shower or bath. The piping system is a good conduit for electricity and pools of water may attract lightening. Using the telephone and electrical appliances is also not a good idea, the wiring being designed to carry electricity. Close ALL windows and doors. Bring your pets inside. Unplug any electrical things such as toasters, blenders, etc. Turn off the TV and radio! Even cell phones shouldn't be used during an electrical storm. Don't go outside to have a look and stay away from the windows! I actually had a "fireball" come right through my living room window (I was sitting on the couch) and enter my TV (a freak storm with no warning.) The window had no damage nor did the TV. My husband witnessed it and said as the streak passed me my hair shot up. LOL