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What precautions must you take when in a house during a lightning storm?


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It is not a good time to be taking a shower or bath. The piping system is a good conduit for electricity and pools of water may attract lightening. Using the telephone and electrical appliances is also not a good idea, the wiring being designed to carry electricity. Close ALL windows and doors. Bring your pets inside. Unplug any electrical things such as toasters, blenders, etc. Turn off the TV and radio! Even cell phones shouldn't be used during an electrical storm. Don't go outside to have a look and stay away from the windows! I actually had a "fireball" come right through my living room window (I was sitting on the couch) and enter my TV (a freak storm with no warning.) The window had no damage nor did the TV. My husband witnessed it and said as the streak passed me my hair shot up. LOL


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There are many precautions you can take after a lightening storm. You could go out and seek immediate shelter for example.

Inside a house or building, away from any windows, is as reasonably safe as you can be. Also, don't use a land-line telephone during a lightning storm. You shouldn't take a bath or shower during any storm because lightning can occur at any time and follow pipes from outside into the house.

It's not safe to be in or around a body of water during a lightning storm.

Small open structures like sheds at parks or sidewalks do not protect people from lighting. People should avoid them during a lightning storm and go to a house or building instead.

Staying in a car is the safest place to be during a lightning storm.

Lightning is attracted to metal...

Stay indoors during a lightning storm.

No, biking is not particularly safe during a lightning storm. It isn't quite as risky as golfing.

during a lighting storm the weather is normally cold

well i think that if there house is farely tall, they shoudl get a lightning rod! Lightning Rods can help prevent alot of bad vibes coming in your house during a storm. If you have tall trees by your house, I would get them cut down so nothing can tip over on your house during that storm. Plus you should always get some storm windows. :)

Yes. There is no danger in watching television or using other electronic appliances in a lightning storm.

because you may get shocked by lightning...or DIE!

Yes..... rubber on car tires protects better than a house which most likely does not have lightning protection.

Maybe if the house is not destructible or easy to destroy


i dont know.stay in your house and dont do anything.

Well, there are many things you can do. For one, if you're in a house, you should turn off the main electrical switch.

No because you could get electrocuted from the lightning. Lightning is attracted to any body of water.

ozone produced by lightning and water vapor

By standing under a tree during a lightning storm.

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