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What prefix is used for isomers?

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Isomers do not have prefix.

See any prefix in glucose,galactose,or sucrose?(these three simple sugars are Isomers)

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Can molecular formula be used to show difference between isomers?

Nope.... isomers differ only in their structure not in their molecular formula

What are the different types of isomers?

The three main types of isomers are structural isomers, geometric isomers, and enantiomers.

Why are CH3CH2COOH and CH3CHOHCHO optical isomers?

These are not optical isomers they are functional group isomers a subcategory of structural isomers.

How do you separate isomers?

The isomers can be separated by a method called stereoisomerism. The first person that is documented to have used this method is one Louis Pasteur.

Are metastable isotopes used in medicine?

Two isomers of technetium were used in medicine.

Is glucose and fructose a chain isomers?

No. They can be considered as structural isomers or functional isomers.

Why boiling point of cis-isomers is higher than trans-isomers?

IT ISN'T! The boiling point of trans-isomers are higher than cis-isomers because they have strong IMF

How many isomers of propane are there?

There are no isomers of propane.

Does CH2Cl2 have isomers?

No, it does not have optical or geometric isomers.

Does RNA have isomers?

Yes, RNA does have isomers.

Are fatty acids and glycerol isomers?

Fatty acids are known as isomers. Glycerol are also isomers.

What is the prefix used with follow?

There is no prefix in follow...

What are the isomers for butene?

Draw three isomers of butene?

Can dichloromethane have isomers?

Yes, dichloromethane has two isomers.

How many isomers of propene?

there are two isomers of pentene

How many isomers does pentanol have?

how many isomers do C5H11OH have

How many isomers of C5H10?

There are 12 Isomers of C5H10

How many isomers for C5H11OH?

There are 8 isomers for C5H11OH

Why trans isomers have higher melting point than cis isomers?

Trans isomers pack together better so the Van der Waals forces (intermolecular forces) between the isomers are stronger than in cis isomers; thus, the melting point of trans isomers is higher.

What prefix can used whit convinve?

One prefix that can be used with convene is reconvene.

The three isomers of pentane have different?

The three isomers of pentane have different structures,i.e.they r chain isomers.

What are the constitutional isomers of C10H22?

there are exactly 75 isomers of decane

How many isomers nonane have?

nonane(c9h20) has 35 isomers.

What are the possible isomers of C5H11Cl?

8 possible constitutional isomers

Scn isomers or resonance structures?

It has resonance structures but no isomers.

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