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Q: What preparation techniques to bake chocolate cake?
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How do you bake a cake with chocolate chip chunks?

You just add chocolate chunks to the cake batter.

How do you bake a cake on harvest moon ds?

you have to have an oven,butter,eggs,flour and one fruit or chocolate (she likes chocolate) and then bake

What is the chemical equation of chocolate cake?

Chocolate cake is a complex mixture, not a compound; and the preparation involve many chemical reactions.

Will it be delicious if you bake a chocolate cake with blueberry icing?

It depends if you like chocolate and blueberries

What kind of ingredients do you need to bake a chocolate cake without adding egg?

What kind of ingredients do you need to bake AA chocolate cakee without adding eggs

How long to bake a cake for?

It really depends on what type of cake you make :) chocolate- probably 20-22 min.

How do you use a checkerboard cake pan?

There are several ways of using it: Put the dividers into the pan. Pour batter for white and chocolate cake into alternating squares to make a checkerboard pattern. Once they are all filled, you pull the dividers out and then bake. Bake the cake with the dividers in place and then remove the dividers and Ice the blocks together. Bake a chocolate cake with the divider in place and bake a white cake with the dividers in place. Then arrange the squares into a double size cake and ice into place.

How long does it take to bake a chocolate cake?

it takes approximately 20-40 minutes

When you bake a chocolate cake is it a physical or chemical change?

Cooking involve chemical changes.

How do you make a oreo cake from scratch?

You just bake a chocolate cake and spred vinilla frosting on the top of the cake and crush some oreos up and sprinkle them on top of your cake.

Are there natural resources used to make chocolate cake?

The natural resources used in making chocolate cake include the heat generated to bake the cake which make use coal, natural gas to generate electricity. The ingredients in the cake are all renewable crops so they are not usually considered natural resources.

How much flour do I need to bake a triple layer chocolate fudge cake for my son with extra choclate?

this is the picture he wants on it

How many minutes should you bake a chocolate cake?

45 to 50 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

How many ways can you eat chocolate?

There are so many ways that you can eat chocolate. You can eat directly, you can melt it and add it on ice cream, you can bake a cake with it or dip cookies in it.

How do you bake a choclat cake?

If you want to make a chocolate sponge, you have to add cocoa powder before whisking the mixture. :D

What are the materials to bake a chocolate cake?

Self-raising flour, caster sugar, hard margarine, eggs and cocoa powder

What is pop cake?

A cake pop is cake crumbled, blended with frosting then formed into balls (or other shapes) then dipped in chocolate. There are also cake pop makers and pans out there that bake cakes into balls. But a true cake ball/pop is blended with frosting first.

How do you bake a moist cake?

You can add sour cream, which tastes amazing in chocolate cake. Or adding a box of pudding mix and a little bit of milk, just a tablespoon or two.

How do you win Sue's bake a cake?

You bake the best cake.

I am are making a cake for your mom- is it okay to put chocolate chips in with the cake mix?

Yes it's ok that you put in chocolate chips, but you have to make sure you don't cook/bake it as long as it says. Like maybe 5-10 minutes later. :)

What do you bake that rhymes with rake?

Cake rhymes with rake and you bake a cake.

What liquor you use to bake cholocate cake?

Chocolate, vanilla, almond, or cream liquor would work, along with rum or brandy.

How do you bake chocolate fudge layer cake?

Chocolate fudge layer cake requires a reliable recipe. Although it is not a particularly difficult cake, the process is too complicated to attempt without a detailed recipe. You can find excellent recipes online, or in countless cookbooks. See the link below for just one example.

Do you have to bake the cake to make cake pops?

You must either have a specialty cake pop pan in which to bake the pops, or you can bake a cake and crumble it up and mix it with frosting and form the mixture in to balls.

How to bake a vegan cake?

Wow a vegan cake yummy, I have found the easiest way to bake one with very simple ingredients and recipes. It's actually a chocolate vegan cake. I hope this file can help you just copy this link: h t t p s:// then paste in your browser and download it for free.