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What prepared the militia for the arrival of British soldiers at Lexington?


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The minute men prepared the militia for the arrival of the British soldiers by hanging one lantern if the British were coming by land and two if they were coming by sea.

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Yes. The Battle of Lexington and Concord are often referred to as a single battle due to the proximity of their locations and the fact that they happened consecutively on the same day. The Battle of Lexington, which occurred prior to hostilities at Concord, was much more of a minor skirmish than a true battle, in the traditional sense.Lexington was fought between members of the Lexington Militia and British soldiers. Despite the belief by many that Lexington "Minutemen" were present that day, Lexington actually had noMinutemen, as they could not afford them. Minuteman were members of a local militia who were usually the most fit and best trained members of a militia. Towns paid Minutemen to drill much more frequently than regular militia members and to be "ready" at a minutes notice, hence their name, to respond to trouble, usually Indian attacks.The Lexington Militia, having notice of the Regular's or "Redcoats", as they referred to the British soldiers, not "the British", (remember the colonists at this point considered themselves British citizens) pending arrival gathered at Buckman Tavern in the very early morning hours of April 19, 1775, adjacent to the Lexington Green, a common area at the center of the town. After several hours of waiting for the Regulars, word of their imminent arrival reached them and they mustered in formation on the Green. The Regulars approached the Green and with weapons at the ready, ordered the "rebels" to drop their weapons. History will probably never know which side fired the first shot, or shots, but soon thereafter eight militia members laid dead or dying, with others injured. The Regulars only suffered one minor injury there. After composing their troops and re-establishing order, the British force proceeded to the town of Concord.

Yes, it was the first exchange. The redcoats (The British Soldiers) were heading to Concord to take over a munitions that were being stored there. They had to go through Lexington where the minutemen were waiting after being notofied of their pending arrival by Paul Revere. As the British Army's advance guard under Major John Pitcairn entered Lexington at sunrise on April 19, 1775, 77 Lexington militiamen, led by Captain John Parker, emerged from Buckman Tavern and stood in ranks on the village common watching them, and spectators (somewhere between 40 and 100) watched from along the side of the road. There is disagreement on who fired the first shot which is widely recognized as the first shot of the American Revolution.

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Paul Revere was a noted silversmith during the Revolutionary War, but he is more well-known for his famous midnight ride to announce the arrival of the British and their attempts to seize the arms stores at Concord and Lexington.

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During World War I, the arrival of American troops did in fact affect the spirit of the British, French, and other allied troops in Europe in 1917 and beyond. In general, the optimism, the energy, and the passion of the American soldiers, as well as their effectiveness in battle, lifted the spirits of the soldiers who had already been fighting the Central Powers for several long, difficult years.

Paul Rever didn't have a big event, he had his ride, most commonly referred to as the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. During this ride it was Revere's job to notify the local population of the arrival of British troops prior to the battles of Lexington and Concord.

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The arrival of convicts on the First Fleet contributed to life in Australia by establishing the first British colony on the continent.

Paul Revere was the man who said 'The British are Coming'. He ran through town to prepare the people for their arrival and for battle.

The British established the first European settlement in Sydney on 26 January 1788, with the arrival of the First Fleet.

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The first colony in Australia was established by the British on 26 January 1788, with the arrival of the First Fleet.

A 'Toran' is a gate prepared for special visitors. In India, a Toran is used wherever special visitors are welcomed. A Toran is prepared for the arrival of Royalty, Prime Ministers and at ceremonies such as weddings. The last answer needed to be improved!

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They rode to alert the colonists of the arrival of British troops.

Australia Day did and still does celebrate the landing of the First Fleet of convicts, soldiers and officers in Australia in 1788. It celebrates the raising of the British flag upon Australian soil with the arrival of the first settlers in New South Wales.

The first British settlement was founded with the First Fleet's arrival in Port Jackson on 26 January 1788.

The first American victory came at the Battle of Concord, which followed the skirmish at the Battle of Lexington, on April 19, 1775.British forces from Boston, who were out to confiscate weapons in Concord, fired against a small group of militia gathered in Lexington, closer to Boston. As the British continued east and searched Concord, riders (including Paul Revere) had alerted the colonial militia, which fired upon and routed the British. As they fled back to Lexington with their main force, the Redcoats were joined by a rescue party, and the entire column was pursued and fired upon enroute back to Boston by a force of up to 3800 militiamen. With the arrival of thousands more of the Minutemen from the area, the Siege of Boston began.concordnovember 5th,2009

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