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CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME MEDICATIONS: Because of the condition the patient is in (lethargic and lacking energy most of the time) they can become depressed and withdrawn so several drugs can be prescribed by your doctor. Antiviral drugs (Acyclovir) Drugs to fight "hidden" yeat infections (nystatin) Medications to treat depression (antidepressants drugs SSRIs) Medication to treat anxiety (antianxiety drugs such as Celexia, Paxil, etc.) Medication to reduce pain, discomfort and fever. Some medications can cause adverse reactions or side effects that are worse than the original symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Patients with CFS are encouraged to maintain active social lives and mild physical exercise may also be helpful (such as slow walks, working up to longer walks. EXPECTATIONS (PROGNOSIS) The long-term outlook for patients with CFS is variable and difficult to predict at the initial onset. Some patients have been reported to completely recover after 6 months to a year. Others may take longer for a complete recovery. Some patients report never returning to their pre-illness state. Most studies report that patients treated in an extensive rehibilitation program have a better prognosis of improving significantly than those patients who don't seek treatment. Marcy

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Q: What prescription medication is given to patients who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
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Go to college, Then medical school. Become an MD. Practice in pain management and work with patients who suffer from chronic and possibly life long conditions that warrants taking that medication. Than you can write them a prescription for the medication once you established it is the proper route to take.

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Who does Chronic fatigue syndrome attack?

Most patients diagnosed with CFS are 25-45 years old, and about 80% of cases are in women

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Chronic fatigue syndrome

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