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Salt Lake City, Utah also served as the capital of the Territory of Deseret. At that time it was called "Great Salt Lake City". When Utah first became a state, the capital was Fillmore. Later on, the capital was moved back to Salt Lake City.

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Q: What present-day state capital city also served as the capital of Deseret a territory organized by Mormon settlers in 1849?
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What present day state capital city also served as the capital of Deseret a territory organized by Mormon settlers in 1849?

Salt Lake City, Utah

When did the state of deseret begin?

Deseret was a US territory, and it began to be settled July 24, 1847. As the states within the territory (Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and parts of other present-day states) obtained statehood, the name Deseret ceased to be officially recognized.

What present day state capital also served as the capital of Deseret a territory organized by Mormon settlers in 1849?

When finally the Mormons where given a territory to settle in they wanted it to be named Deseret, which means Honey Bee. The Governor at that time said no to their request and said it was to be called Utah after the Ute Indians. He little realized that an earlier prophecy from God said that a temple would be built in the mountain tops. The meaning of the world Utah means Mountain Top. As far as I know Salt Lake City has always been the capital.

Which city was originally called Deseret?

No city was originally called Deseret, the state of Utah was once called Deseret (before it became an official U.S. Territory). The area that 'Deseret' took up was much larger than the area that Utah takes up now.

What is deseret finally?

The word 'Deseret' is defined by the Book of Mormon as honeybee. (See Ether 2:3) Deseret was the name of a territory or state proposed by the Mormon pioneers, which covered parts of modern day Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California. In pioneer times, the word Deseret was almost used synonymously with the word Zion - it was the home of the Saints. Deseret was also used to name things of Mormon origin, such as the Deseret Alphabet or the Deseret News. Today, Deseret is still used in the names of companies or organizations affiliated with the Mormon Church, including Deseret Book, Deseret Industries, Deseret News, and Deseret Transportation.

When did deseret change to Utah?

It was officially changed during the Compromise of 1850 by the U.S. government to the Utah Territory.

What does the word Deseret have to do with the Mormon religion?

The word Deseret is found in the Book of Mormon and supposedly means Honeybee. Early Mormons adopted this word and the symbol of the beehive to represent their industriousness - they were busy, hardworking, and highly organized, just like bees.The Deseret title can still be found on many things related to or owned by the church such as Deseret News (a Mormon-owned newspaper), Deseret Industries (a Mormon owned thrift store), and Deseret Book (a Mormon book store).

Which Mormon city was called deseret?

"Deseret" was not the name of a city but of an entire region in the Intermountain West and a proposed US Territory. It encompassed areas in what is today Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Wyoming, Nevada, and California.

Why did the congress name the new territory Utah?

The congress wanted Utah to be called Deseret and it would have been huge.

When was Deseret Ranches created?

Deseret Ranches was created in 1950.

When was Fort Deseret created?

Fort Deseret was created in 1865.

When was Deseret Industries created?

Deseret Industries was created in 1938.

When was Deseret Book created?

Deseret Book was created in 1866.

What is Deseret Book's population?

Deseret Book's population is 900.

What is the population of Deseret Book?

Deseret Book's population is 800.

What was Utah's original name?


What name did Utah go by before Utah?

This depends on who was referring to it. Officially, it was Mexico. The Navajo, Shoshone, Goshute, Paiute, and Ute tribes that lived there all had their own names for it. The first white settlers, Mormon Pioneers, called it Deseret. Once it became a U.S. Territory, it was named Utah.

How do you say deseret in spanish?

Deseret in every language is Deseret. Or do you mean 'desert' (desierto - noun) (abandonar - verb) Or 'dessert' (postre)

What does The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints own?

Basically anything Deseret; Deseret Industries (D.I.), Deseret Book, etc.

When was Deseret Management Corporation created?

Deseret Management Corporation was created in 1966.

When was Deseret Manufacturing Company created?

Deseret Manufacturing Company was created in 1851.

When was Deseret News created?

Deseret News was created on 1850-06-15.

Why was Deseret able to flourish?

The proposed state of Deseret was able to flourish because they were organized, industrious, and had the resources and population to maintain the vast area. The proposed state was later broken up and made into many states, each of which still flourishes in the present-day United States.

What is the territory found my Mormons?

The area settled or founded by Mormons covered all of present day Utah with parts of Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and California. The Mormons proposed that this area be called Deseret Territory.

What is the area of Deseret Peak Wilderness?

The area of Deseret Peak Wilderness is 102.029 square kilometers.