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Probably Andrew Jackson. He vetoed the Maysville Road expenditure and generally believed that the federal money should not spend money on projects limited to just one state. He also balanced the budget and paid back the national debt with the money obtained from selling government land.

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Q: What president has been least interested in expanding national spending?
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What are two types of expansionary policies?

Expanding the money supply and expanding government spending.

How is fiscal policy controlled?

Taxes, and government spending. Increasing taxes will decrease consumption and supply. Lowering taxes will increase consumption and supply. Increasing government spending will increase national consumption, and decreasing government spending will decrease national consumption. The economics AD-AS model shows a visual representation of the effects of fiscal policy on the economy if you are further interested.

What is Bush policy on national parks?

The Bush policy on National Parks is very proactive. President Bush has incresed spending on the purchase of additional land and improvement of existing parks.

Does the president control spending?


Can a president delay congressional spending?

Yes a president has the authority to delay congressional spending. The president has the power to veto legislation which may include legislation that sets appropriations for federal agencies or programs. A presidential veto of a spending bill can prevent congressional spending from taking effect. The president can also delay the spending through a line-item veto which allows the president to veto individual items within a spending bill. Additionally the president can refuse to spend money that Congress has already appropriated. This is known as a rescission and requires the president to notify Congress of his intention to delay the spending. The following steps are necessary for a president to delay congressional spending: The president must veto the spending bill. The president can veto individual items within a spending bill using a line-item veto. The president can refuse to spend money that Congress has already appropriated by issuing a rescission. The president must notify Congress of his intention to delay the spending.These steps provide the president with the authority to delay congressional spending.

Who initiates the spending process?

The President

What are two examples of controllable spending in the federal budget?

social security, expanding highways, and unemployment compensation.

Spending your free time with someone you are interested in romantically is called?


This national budget is an example of?

deficit spending.

In 1916 thhe US voted an increase in spending for national what?

National Defense

Which terms is defined as the national government spending more money than it takes in?

Deficit spending

How does deficit spending impact national debt?

Deficit spending is spending money raised by borrowing. It is used by governments to stimulate their economy during times of depression or economic slow-down. Unless the borrowing is repaid, deficit spending will increase the national debt.

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