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Q: What price considerations should be considered in a takeover bid?
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What considerations should govern your decision making as a consumer?

The price and quality of a given product are some of the considerations that should govern your decision making as a consumer.

What should I worry about when I am looking to buy a used pickup truck?

Consider things such as mileage and repair history of the vehicle. Price considerations should also come into play.

What information should be considered when comparing insurance price quotes?

The main information that should be considered when comparing insurance price quotes is the reputation of the company, as well as the quality of the coverage provided.

What factors should be considered when choosing a car cleaning brush?

Factors such as the size of the brush should be considered when purchasing a car cleaning brush. Similarly the length and strength of the brush's bristles should also be considered, as should the price.

What are some common considerations of a first time homeowner?

There are a number of common considerations one should think about when becoming a first time homeowner. The price one is willing to pay, and the size of the property is a major consideration, as is whether one needs a loan or mortgage.

Is a price list considered an offer?

No, price lists are considered as advertisement.

What considerations determine a good's price?

Factors related to price include legal and regulatory guidelines, pricing objectives, pricing strategies, and options for increasing sales.

What things should be considered before purchasing a fabric steamer?

Things that should be considered before purchasing a fabric steamer include the price, the brand, quality, as well as the number and variety of heat settings.

How do you decade on a scooter?

There are many factors that must be considered when purchasing a scooter. A person should consider price, mileage, and color.

What should be included in the price in order for holidays packages to be considered inclusive?

Holiday packages must include several accommodations to be considered inclusive. This items should include the following: meals, entertainment, flight and hotel accommodations,

What is the price of a basic oil change?

The basic price of an oil change is 20$-$25. The maximum that should be paid for a basic oil change is $30. Any higher is considered a scam.

What should one consider when buying a computer game?

When buying a computer game, price and popularity of the game should be considered. Game ratings and age restrictions should also be contributing factors..

What is a price what are the factors to be considered when setting a price what are general pricing approaches?

sir why are you not answering me?

Which is not considered to be a determinant of the price elasticity of demand for a particular good?

Expectations of the future price

What should be capitalized in the sentence The price paid?

Only the T in the. It should be -- The price paid

what is considered a good price for milk nowadays?


When all the product or service brought to market is consumed the price for the product or service is considered to be a?

rising price

What is a considered a cheap price for car rental in Ireland?

The price that is considered cheap for car rental in Ireland is a varying price from around 60-260 dollars. It could definitely depend on a few different factors though.

What is the price range for the 2010 Mercedes CL?

The price range for a 2010 Mercedes CL, with a Coupe style body is between $110,400 and $207,170. This is considered by many to be a luxury vehicle, although also considered to be sold at a steep price.

If an item is displayed at the wrong price should this be the price you pay when you get to the till?


If The sales price of a car is 12590 which is 20 percent off the original price What is the original price?

Designate the original price as p. Then, from the problem statement, 80 % of p = 12590; p = 12590/0.80 = 15738. (If "20 percent" is considered to have only two significant digits, this should be written as "1.6 X 104 instead.)

Is the price of an item considered nominal variable?

No. It is a discrete quantitative variable.

What would you consider a cheap price for a paintball gun?

A fairly basic paintball gun should cost in the region of $70 - $120. A price lower than this would certainly be considered cheap, however the quality may be quite poor.

Why then should calculate a material price variance?

Material variance should be calculated to ensure that you are setting the right price for your products. When the price varies significantly, you may need to establish a new price for the product.

What price is considered cheap for color printers?

The price of a colour printer is relative to its quality, performance and specification. The lower the specification the lower the price. As a general guide anything less than 50 GBP would be considered cheap for a colour printer.