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What price range is the Stevens 59-a is in?


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2011-09-13 12:10:52
2011-09-13 12:10:52

i also own a Stevens model 59a. excellent condition or near it the gunshould fetch around $200.00. I would not take a cent less.

AnswerIt would really have to be in excellent condition and a .410 to bring $200.

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your stevens model 59A was made from 1938-1945,with a total production of 21,000.

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The 59a was made from 1938 to 1947.

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The Stevens 59A can shoot all size loads from #12 to slug. So in short, yes.

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The stevens model 59A was made by savage arms from 1937-1967.I am afraid that this is the best I can do with the info available.

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