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Well, the printer I would most recommend for light use at home is an HP printers. HP printers are great for home use and are usually priced reasonably.

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I would recommend the HP Office Jet Pro 8600 it does a lot print, scan, copy, fax and I believe its worth is price . Basically you get what you pay for in my book.

The laser printer you stupid home schoolers:c

As one would install a printer in the home. Whether the office or home has a network setup, the installing is much the same.

Another name for a laser printer is an LED Printer. LED stands for Light Emitted Display. Laser Printers are more common in business than in the home, but they can work in either.

Home use printers are likely to be an inkjet colour printer.

If you connect your printer/fax combination machine to your phone line, yes, it would be your home number. Which means people that call your house will get the fax machine.

Depends on the layout of the home and where space is available. If they have a home office, that would be the most likely location. If not, it could be wherever.

I would recommend blue star construction. They did alot of work in my sisters house and did an excellent job in a reasonable amount of time. I would definetly have them do work for me in my home.

In the same way that you make a printer at home!

Printer toner can be replaced at home, but you should be sure that you know how to do it before you try. Otherwise, you could break your printer or cause a huge mess.

A local printer is connected directly to a computer, either by wifi or cable. A network printer is connected to a home or business network and can be used by any computer connected to the home or business network.

I would recommend the PSC series, which is printer, scanner and copier all in one. It doesn't waste as much ink as a Epson, but wastes more energy. Usually Deskjets also offer great quality, price, and ink isn't too bad, But Deskjets are usually better at home, and not for professinal projects.

Yes. The easiest way to do it is to have a networking printer where you can connect your printer to a router and connect it to your home or business network.

They are accurate for inside your home but I would recommend that you look for other signs of mold as well.

It depends on the printer you have. But basic instructions are to log into the default IP Address of your home network's router /modem. put the IP address into your printer and have the network access key.

A phone/scanner/copier/printer/fax machine in one.

You can print the coupons at home as long as it is a color printer. If you do not have a color printer than you could use a friends printer or go to the library.

I would try the netlink networking tool. This product offers great networking between the computer and the printer at home.

I have a local USB printer connected directly to a desktop computer. I can also print on the same printer from any of four computers connected to my home network. So a local printer can also be a network printer, as I've outlined above.

Of course you can! I would recommend mixing it with home-made lemonade! mmmmm

There are kits for that. I would recommend that you search for one at

Depends upon which kind of Insurance You are looking. For car insurance I would recommend State Farm or Allstate. For Home Insurance I would recommend Century 21

Price range for Canon Laser Printers depend on the kind of printer you want. if you want a printer for home use, you probably would spend $100 to $300. Printers for commercial use would be much more.

Chosing a printer depends on your needs. For the average casual home printer an inkjet printer is more than sufficient. You can print photo-qulaity images or just print off work for the office or school.