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What problem did freedmen face after civil war?

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They had no way of earning money. Some people went back to the plantatino and begged to be taken back for a small wage. Slavery in some areas didn't officially stop. They still had slaves, and weren't caught for a while.

The US government gave free men a plow and acres of land, but unless they were extremely knowlegadble, they didn't know how to make a living. They had been cotton picking all their life, and their parents had been cotton-pickers, and their grandparents, and their great-grandparents...

Plus, people still treated them like dirt. They were free, but they were still blacks. Until Martin Luther King and the Equalazation of blacks was made a law, they were treated very badly.

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What special problems did the freedmen face immediately after the civil war?

food water clothing jobs, after the war they had no shelter either

What were hardships that the Freedmen faced during the civil war?

Us civil war

What problem did Abraham Lincoln face as president?

The Civil War

What did freedmen do after the civil war?

they became industrial workers

What name were former salves commonly called after the civil war?


Why did carpetbaggers come to the South after the Civil War?

To help the freedmen in the south

What was life like for freed slaves after the civil war?

Freed slaves were treated poorly after the Civil War. With the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, freedmen were usually terrorized. It was usually difficult for freedmen to get jobs as well.

What problem did freedman bureau face after the civil war?

mhmm the blacks lost their right

Northern politicans who went to the south after the civil war?

helped freedmen apex :)

What was the function of the freedmen bureau after the civil war?

They suplied Food, Aid and medicine

How did the Freedmen create new lives for themselves and their families after the Civil War?

By farming and ranching.

How did most freedmen meet their basic needs after the civil war ended?

They became sharecroppers

What were the rights of Black people in the US after the Civil War?

They were now Freedmen, but the struggle still goes on.

How did freedmen and escaped slaves help the North win the US Civil War?

The Union took advantage of freedmen, and escaped Black slaves to form military regiments that fought in some major battles in the US Civil War. The extra troops became an asset to the US war effort.

During the civil war what were freed slaves called?

Freedmen although they were more often called contraband.

When the Civil War began in 1861 how many blacks known as Freemen or Freedmen were living in the US?


What was life like for many freedmen in the South after the Civil War?

somewhat like there lives before they were freed

What was life like after the civil war for freedmen in the south?

somewhat like there lives before they were freed... Apex:)

Who was the Civil War general was the inspiration for granting forty acres and a mule to freedmen?

General Sherman. -- His promise failed though.

How important were African American churches to the success of freedmen after the Civil war?

African American churches were the most important institution

Did civil war soldiers face smallpox?

no they did not

Who were The actions of the Republican Party after the Civil War more favorable to?

After the civil war, the Republican Parties actions were more favorable to the freed African-Americans. They wanted to give equal rights to all the freedmen.

What role did freedmen play in Reconstruction governments and how was this different from the role of African Americans before the Civil war?

It is there. Look in the index under "freedmen or reconstruction". I know the book and the answer is there. Use your headings to help you and think.

What is the problem in the chocolate war?

Our face

Why were the black codes put into effect?

Because America did not want blacks to gain equality after the post civil war era when they were "freedmen"