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What problems can there be when your car shakes?

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if the steering wheel shakes there can be a problem with alignment. shaking when braking would probably be a brake problem. constant shaking i'd expect you should check the muffler If the front end of your car shakes when just driving normally, your front end probably needs re-aligning. If it shakes when you apply the brakes only, your brake rotors are probably warped and need re-surfaceing. Impossible to answer question, please be more specific. It shakes when... I feel it shake in the steering wheel when... I'm driving along and... etc. It depends on WHEN it shakes. Low speed driving: damaged tire, U-Joint, ignition misfire, burned valve, low engine RPM. Highway driving: loose steering, faulty ball joints, tire balance, bent wheel, tire damage. Engine idle: burned valve, ignition misfire, motor mounts, low engine RPM, dirty injectors, EGR valve... All of the above plus quite a few other possibilities.

2006-07-21 19:22:43
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What seems to be the problems when a car shakes a lot?

front end is worn out

Why Car shakes then stops sometimes while driving?

Carburator problems -- dirty gas -- water in gas

What does it mean if your car shakes after accelerating?

Could be mechanical, such as engine or tyranny mounts, worn ball joints or tie rods. Or fuel and timing problems.

Why does my car shake when idling at a red light?

There are a few reasons why a car shakes when idling at a red light. Some reasons could be the ignition coil, motor mounts, or spark plug problems.

What cause a car to shake?

If your car shakes while underway, your tires have worn incorrectly from misalignment. If it shakes while in park or not moving, your engine is misfiring.

Car shakes during acceleration?

If a car shakes during acceleration the brake rotors may be damaged. If the rotors are damaged they will be unstable as the tires rotates making the whole car shake.

Car shakes and loses power when idling?

If a car shakes and loses power when idling it can be the spark plug. If a spark plug is fouling, it can cause power losses.

Why do your car shakes while in park?

Engine miss.

How do you know your car drums or rotor are gone?

Car shakes when I put the brake check

Your check engine light comes on when your car shakes what is wrong?

When the engine light comes on and the car shakes at the same time, it could be the spark plugs or ignition coils are faulty. Misfiring is causing the car to shake.

Is it safe to drive a car that shakes?

NO! Depends on your definition of safe?

Car shakes while accelerating?

Drive shaft is going out

Car shakes when breaking?

Disk brake rotor is warped

Car hesitates to accelerate and shakes a lot?

Your car is not getting enough fuel if it hesitates to take off and shakes. The fuel filter might be plugged or you might have the wrong gas in your tank.

Why does myour car shack when you are stopped?

if you car shakes when its fully stopped it may be the harmonic balancer, take it to a garage. is it shakes only when you are braking while stopping than have you brakes checked

1990 Honda Accord manual transmission and when the car is warmed up when accelerating the car shakes as if in too high a gear even when in the correct gear possibe transmission problem?

When the car shakes n it on the correct its becsuse its out of timeing

What is wrong with a car when it shakes?

Your tires probably just need to be balanced.

Front of car shakes when braking?

roters need turned. 65;

What are the signs that your car need a wheel alignment?

Steering wheel shakes

Car shakes when steering left around corner?

If your car shakes when you turn left, this could be a number of things. It could be the alignment, suspension, or something else. It's best to get it checked out right away.

Car makes a banging sound and shakes in rear of car?

Replace universal joint on rear of driveshaft

Car shakes when driving?

If your car shakes only when your going a certain speed, it is most likely resonance. Which means your wheel weights are off, or maybe you dont have any. But if it always shakes, it could be a bent rim. The final option, is something else, it could be many different things

What are some clues that might tell me if the problems I am having with my car are due to the timing belt?

Some of the symptoms or clues you might see if your timining belt is going bad are regular problems starting your car, excess exhaust emission, unusual engine noises, the car shakes and the engine rattles or the car shuts off unexpectedly. Some of these can be symptoms of other problems, but you should definitely have your car checked because if the timing belt or chain breaks it can cause serious additional damage to your vehicle.

Engine light blinks car shakes 2005 escape?

You have a serious problem. Have your car looked at before you drive it.

Your car shakes when you stop in traffic?

If the car is running fine most likely cause is motor mount(s)