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== == None really. Although Mary was declared co-soveriegn by virtue of the fact that she was the one with an actual claim to the throne, in actual fact William was the one who ruled and made all royal decisions.

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Q: What problems did William and Mary have ruling together?
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What did William and Mary have to do before ruling England?

find king because of his confidenceWhat did William and Mary have to do before .

Who did William III succeed?

Ruling jointly with Mary II, William of Orange comes after James II.

Which ruling pair succeeded James II of England?

Answer King James II of England was succeeded by his daughter, Queen Mary II and her husband, William of Orange, who became King William III. The joint rule of Mary II & William III (Mary Stuart & William of Orange)

When did England have no ruling king?

from 1653 - 1658 England was ruled by Oliver Cromwell, who overthrew the monarchy and cut off the former King, Charles the 1st's, head. England also had no ruling king during the reigns of her ruling queens Mary I and Mary II ( tho Mary II co-ruled with William) Elizabeth I Victoria and Elizabeth II , the current Monarch.

What was Mary Tudors reign?

The ruling of Mary Tudor beginning in July of 1553. (Queen Mary I)

Are William and Mary and William and Mary of Orange the same persons?

Yes they are!

What state is home to the William and Mary football team?

The state Virginia is home to the William & Mary football team. The William & Mary mascot is the Tribe. William & Mary is located in Williamsburg, Virginia.

William and Mary College is in what state?

The College of William and Mary is in Williamsburg, Virginia.

When did Mary Hays marry William Hays?

Mary married William in 1767

Where is the College of William and Mary?

The College of William & Mary is located in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Who ruled after King James?

If you mean who ruled after James the first then it was Charles the first who was later executed And also in England King James II was succeded by William of Orange ruling jointly with Queen Mary II (Mary Stuart)

Who was on the throne in 1692?

William and Mary (joint-monarchs, William III and Mary II)

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