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What problems did the US Constitution solve?


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It solved the war for state power,the fund problems due to low worth in the money and various money-realated problems,and various other gaps in the Articles of Confederation


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The Articles of Confederation were the first national documents were drawn up before the US Constitution. The US Constitution created to solve some of the problems the Articles of Confederation' failed to properly address.

The Declaration of Independence was exactly as it sounds, and the Constitution was crafted, in large part, around trying to solve the problems of government that the Declaration complained of.

The constitution solve the problems of no power to tax is by Shay's Rebellion. Shay's rebellion made the constitution felt that they are really weak and then they all decided that made a new Costitution that is started collecting tax.

It is the framework of government and tells our rights and the ways to solve problems.

Yes, it solves government issues and legal problems as well as citizenship rights.

It is important so that if the there are occurring problems in the nation we can solve them! :)

Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution can be defined as the amendment that guaranteed rights privileges and immunities of Citizenship, Due Process and Equal Protection. It solved the problems of the rights of citizenship.

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The preamble is just the introduction to the constitution and not meant to be law or a promise. The constitution is the foundation for government and gives us a means to solve problems, elect people, and to pass laws.

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The Federalist Papers attempted to clarify the goals of the Constitution by stating problems the country faced, and articulating how the Constitution would address and solve those problems. One example would be the need for a coherent national defense.

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It's always a good idea for people to handle their own problems; after all, we all have problems. The US has lots of problems of its own to solve, without having to solve the problems of other countries as well. And at some point, it is just too expensive for the US to do so. No one is paying the US to be the world's policeman.

A president can not rewrite the constitution. To change the constitution requires an admendment to be approved and the president has nothing to do with it. Considering the historical fact that the constitution has lasted 200 years it has proven to be the foundation of the United States. Men write documents and men are flawed so matter what man writes it will always have problems. Considering this fact the constitution is a pretty good document. Man should look to himself if there are problems and think of ways to solve them.

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