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What problems did the colonists face at Jamestown?

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At first they did not know how to farm and hunt, and many of them were too busy looking for gold to be bothered with such things. Thus they faced hunger, even starvation. Relations with the Powhatan Indians were rocky. Although the Indians sometimes provided food, they also sometimes kept Jamestown virtually under siege. When no gold was found the colonists had no product with which to trade with England for basic necessities they could not produce themselves, things like farm implements, tools, clothes and firearms. That made it very difficult for them to obtain these necessary things until they learned how to grow tobacco, which was valuable and could be traded for things. They suffered from diseases from mosquitoes, no knowledge of growing crops, no fresh water, no knowledge of raising livestock.

There is a link below that goes even more in detail and has more problems that colonists faced at Jamestown.

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What hardships did the Jamestown colonists face?

many jamestown colonists became sick from malaria and from the drinking water

What problems did the colonists face in the first year in Jamestown?

The native americans because the first colonist were invading the natives land.

What problems did the colonists face in Jamestown?

they faced diseases, unclean water, harsh winters, didn't have the farming or hunting skills, died of starvation, and in the very beginning leadership problems.

What problems did the colonists at Plymouth face?


How did Jamestown colonists adapt to their environment?

How did Jamestown colonists adapt to their environment?

What problems did the Jamestown colonists face?

The Jamestown colonists faced a number of difficulties. The first of these being the unfavorable conditions of the location. The soil was poor, and the swampy water was full of malaria carrying mosquitoes and was undrinkable. They were also not used to doing manual labor, so they were unequipped to be farmers. Also, initial help from Native Tribes vanished as the colonists wanted more land to grow tobacco.

What were the difficulties for colonists in Jamestown?

some problems or difficulties were location, starvation, drought, disease, Indians, and preparation.

What were some of the problems that the colonists of Jamestown faced?

Bad first winter. Also known as the starving time.

Who were the colonists of Jamestown?

the colonists came from England

Why did the colonists settle in Jamestown?

The colonists settled in Jamestown because they wanted to look for gold and silver.

What problems did Jamestown settlers face?

The Jamestown settlers went through problems like their breathing air full of diseases like Mosquitoes in their air.Also their water was not very healthy to drink

How did the Jamestown Colonists get around when they got to Jamestown?

they walked. or paddled canoes

What problems arose because Jamestown colonists stared looking for gold as soon as they arrived?

Lack of food was the most pressing problem.

When did the colonists leave England for Jamestown?

No were..

When did colonists settle in Jamestown?


When were the colonists in Jamestown?

Beginning in 1607.

What advantages did the colonists at Jamestown have?


Who traded with the colonists in Jamestown?

It Was the Powhatan

What challenges did Jamestown colony face in its first year?

The first settlers of Jamestown endured the problems of hostile Indians, starvation, and poor leadership and government. Jamestown was the second english colony in the New World.

What happened to the colonists at Jamestown after John Smith left?

The Jamestown Colonists fell in a "down-ward spiral" after John Smith left because John was not there to organize Jamestown and their people.

Jamestown began to prosper when the colonists did what?

When colonists started growing tobacco

Was the leader of the English colonists in Jamestown?

John Smith was the leader of the Jamestown settlers

Did the colonists in Jamestown always get along with the Native Americans?

no way Jose, the Jamestown settlers had to get help from the powhattans because the colonists were invading their lands

Why did the colonists in Jamestown fight the powhatans?

because the powhatans took land from the jamestown.. i think

When did colonists arrive in Jamestown VA?