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Q: What problems did the mohawks Indians encounter?
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Did the Mohawk Indians have mohawks?

they do have Mohawks it was traditional

What do mohawks Indians eat?

Uh... FOOD!?

What Indians was in the French and Indians war?

The Northeastern tribes like the Mohawks, Iroquois

Are Mohawk Indians the same as Cherokee Indians?

No. The Cherokee were southern, the Mohawks were part of the Iroquis Confederacy.

Why did Mohawks Indians live in long houses?

Because the longhouse supported many people.

Why do Indians have mohawks?

First of all, very, very few tribes had what has become known as mohawks. Hairstyles for male Indians usually just followed what was in style at the time, just as men wear their hair in ways that are in style today.

What problems did Jacques cartier encounter?

he had many problems

What problems did the loyalists encounter?

They had problems with Patriots harrassing them.

What hardship did the colonist encounter in Jamestown?


What are some problems astronauts encounter in space?

Toilet Problems.

Where did the mohawk Indians use to live?

The Mohawks lived in New York and the northern eastern parts of USA

Did john Cabot encounter with the mohawk Indians?


What native people did ponce encounter?

Seminole indians

What did the mohawks wear?

Mohawk men wore breech clothes with leggings. Mohawk woman worew wraparound skirts with shorter leggings. For more info, go to Facts for Kids: Mohawk Indians (Mohawks)

How did did the mohawk Indians get food?

The Mohawks were hunters and farmers. The women raised corn, squash and beans. They gathered berries and nuts when available. The men hunted small and large game. The Mohawks were also fishermen.

What weather problems did Hernando De Soto encounter?

lots of problems

Who did the mohawks fight with?

The Mohawks had fought with the Mohawks and were given guns to them by the Dutch trade partners.

What did the mohawks believe?

The Mohawk Indians believed in energies. They believed that positive and negative energies can have an effect on something in life.

What problems do astronauts encounter in space?

In space, astronauts will encounter a bunch of possible problems. Being weightless, space sickness, radiation, life support are the top problems.

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What problems does the octopus encounter in its habitat?


What group of Indians did sir francis drake encounter?

I am pretty sure that he encountered the Miwok Indians

Did Leif Eriksson encounter any American Indians?

Yes. Him and his men had a few clashes with the Indians.

When did lewis and clark encounter the Missouri indians?

they encountered the Missouri Indians on August 3rd 1804.