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some problems that immigrants faced in America was language and housing problems, also racial discrimination and jobs.

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What problems did polish immigrants face?

Polish immigrants that arrived to the US didn't face any obstacles such as racism, because all of the Polish immigrants were wealthy and just looking for more wealth

What are some of the struggles faced by Mexican immigrants?

problems immigrants face

What problems do illegal immigrants face?

the fear of deportation!

How do schools and local government try to solve problems for immigrants?

how can schools and local governments stop problems immigrants can face

What problems did immigrants face in US cities?

In the US, as was the case in most societies, Immigrants faced problems in US cities if they were poor. Wealthy immigrants had few problems. Money solves many problems. With that said, immigrants who were poor and Catholic found low wages and discrimination in many northern cities. These cities were favored by immigrants because there were factory or dockside jobs available but at low wages. For the most part, the USA in the 19th century was a Protestant nation, and yes there were exceptions.

What problems did dutch immigrants face when they came to America?

One of the problems faced was compitition in jobs among each other and other immigrants.

What problems did Irish immigrants face in the US?

The Irish immigrants were stereotyped as lazy, unintelligent, carefree criminals, and alcoholics. They had a hard time finding employment. They were passed over for other applicants.

What problems did immigrants face once arrived in America?

Immigrants faces a few issues when coming to America. The main problems that the immigrants faced were housing, getting caught, jobs and money.

What kinds of problems do immigrants face when they arrive in a new country?


What problems did immigrants face when they came to Britain?

They faced giant rats and they face a troll that ate little kids

What kind of problems did Italian immigrants face before coming to America?

One is the ships that sent the immigrants to America were mostly overcrowded.

What problems did the Japanese immigrants face?

Japanese immigrants faced segregation in school. They was not allowed to go to the same school as the white child.

What problems did Jew immigrants face in America?

Racism, xenophobia, language barriers and poverty.

What problems did French immigrants face in America?

*americans hating there outfits *black people

What were some problems immigrants faced in the US?

Some problems they faced were their language, money, clothes, and education. Life was hard for immigrants when they came to America.

What problems did the Irish immigrants face in the US?

The Irish faced hatred from the Americans for taking potential jobs and land. They also had to deal with poor living spaces called tenements.

What problems do immigrants face today?

Immigrants face outdated immigration laws that can leave them confused, and in limbo for a considerable amount of time. They also face negative reactions from some people, who attach certain negative characteristics to people who come from certain countries.

What hardships or challenges did German immigrants face in the US?

The immigrants faced racial discrimination, language barriers, and difficulty finding a job.

Why did many immigrants face discrimination in the us?

Xenophobia, fear of job loss.Competition for resources.

What problems did US face after WW1?

economic difficulties

What problems did US face during World War 1?

they faced economic problems.

What were some problems faced by immigrants in the late 19th century?

problems faced by immigrants:The Immigrant in the 19th and 20 century face problems with housing problems racial discrimination and the finding jobs in a new country although some immigrants like the Syrians, Chinese and the Europeans opened a few shops mostly in the Caribbean EG- in Guyana Trinidad and Tobago Jamaica St. Lucia and Jamaica.

Did Irish immigrants have food problems in the us?

yes, they likea eat raunch yavon gina

What problems did the Jewish immigrants encounter in the US?

Poverty, not knowing the language, and inhumane working conditions.

What were some problems immigrants faced in the us during the late 1800s and early 1900s?

i have no clue!

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