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Divided government, the condition where the majority party in at least one house is different than the president's party, leads to increased challenges to presidential appointments. Opposing party members tend to resist approval of an appointment from far across party lines

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Q: What problems does a divided government pose for the president when making appointments to federal offices?
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Describe two problems that divided government poses for the President in making federal appointments?

Explain What are two problems that divided government poses for the President in making federal appointments

What are two problems that divided government poses for the President in making federal appointments?

opposition of his federal apppoinments for offices, and the hinderance of the descision-making process

How can the President prevent the opposing party from resisting his appointments in a divided government?

veto power

How can the president overcome the problems that divided government pose?

The president can use the bully pulpit to try to sway public opinion if he or she is dealing with a divided government. The president also has the power of the veto, which they can use as leverage.

What division of power is used when the president appoints ambassadors?

The Senate (legislative branch) must confirm (approve) these appointments by the President. Thus the power to appoint is divided

What problems did James Madison face as president?

Madison faced a divided cabinet.

What are two problems with divided government?

The problems with having a divided government are that they will always take too long to carry out some projects. The divisions will also make the financing of certain projects hard because of endless debate.

What is the name of a government where the power in government is divided between two branches a legislature and a distinct and separate executive?

Presidential government so the answer is the President government

What are the three classifications of government?

The US government is divided into three branches: Executive - The president Legislative - Congress Judicial - Supreme Court

Tell a bit about Chinese government?

The head of state in china is the president, Hu Jintao. He became president in 2003. The vice president is Xi Jinping. Chinas government is divided into three bodies, the Communist Party of China, the State Government and the People's Liberation Army.

What were three branches of government power was divided between?

The three branches of the US government that power is divided between are:The Legislative Branch - CongressThe Executive Branch - The president, the office of the President, and the Cabinet AgenciesThe Judicial Branch - the Supreme court and the lesser Federal courts

Why is it important that the President and the Congress work together in resolving government issues?

so that there isn't a house divided and a house divided is no house at all. Also he or she has to have permission.

How many branches of government is the US divided into?

Three; Executive (the president), Legislative (Congress), and Judicial (Supreme Court).

Is a president the same thing as a sovereign?

Not at all. A sovereign is a king. The constitution prevents a president from being a king because the government powers are divided between branches.

How is government power divided in the US Constitution?

IT divided into 3 branches---legislative(congress) to make the bill,executive(president) to carry out the law,and the explain the law..... Answer....

Who is the leader of government in the US?

To the extent that there is a single leader of the US government, the President, as head of the Executive branch of the government, is the leader. Because the US federal government is divided into three equal branches, it could be argued that there is no one leader of the government.

Does Ghana have a federal system of government?

Yes, Ghana is run by a federal system. It has a president, vice president, and the regions are divided into first order civil divisions like states.

Which situation showed how divided the federal government was over bleeding?

President pierce wanted Kansas to become a slave state, but congress did not

What presidents served under divided government?

Divided government is suggested by some to be an undesirable product of the separation of powers in the United States' political system. The best test of the impact of divided government on legislative gridlock is to examine seriously considered, potentially important legislation that failed to pass under conditions of divided and unified government. The likely onset of divided government with Democrats in control of the White House and probably the Senate but Republicans in control of the House has occasioned a lot of contrarian thinking. Even dough both parties control the government, they are citizens responsible for the outcome and serve under one president.

What is the Indonesia form of government?

The government of Indonesia can be divided into a number of categories. The Indonesian government is a republic as the head of the state is elected after regular elections. The government of Indonesia can be divided in three parts the legislative, executive and judiciary.According to the constitution which was formed in the year 1945 there is minimum amount of separation between the three sections of the government. From 1999 there have been constant changes which have been undertaken in the constitution. Apart from the central government there are also local government systems in Indonesia. TheIndonesian government has characteristics of both parliamentary and presidential form of government.Executive branch of the government of Indonesia: The executive branch of government of Indonesia comprises of the president and a vice-president. The United Indonesia Cabinet or Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu is also the part of the executive branch. Another part of the executive is the commander in chief of the arm forces of Indonesia.Legislative branch of the government of Indonesia: The council of the house of Indonesian government is known as Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat or the People's representative council. The total members of the council are 550. The other house is known as Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat or People's Consultative Assembly. The bicameral nature of the Indonesian government was initiated only in 2004.Judicial branch of Indonesia:The judicial branch of the government of Indonesia has the Supreme Court as its apex court. In Indonesia the Supreme Court is called Mahkamah Agung. The appointments of the judges are done by the president.The current president and vice president of the government of Indonesia are, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Jusuf Kalla respectively.

Why was the government divided into three branches?

Which government?

Which situation showed how divided the federal government was over bleeding kansas?

President pierce wanted kansas to become a slave state, but congress did not

Describe how power in the Constitution was to be divided?

The Constitution of the U.S. divides power between three branches of government -- Congress, the President and the Supreme Court

Which situation showed divided the federal government was over bleeding kansas?

President Pierce wanted Kansas to become a slave state, but congress did not.

What situation showed how divided the federal government was over bleeding Kansas?

President Pierce wanted Kansas to become a slave state, but Congress did not