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The Austro-Hungarian Empire faced many problems. One of which was the pure size of the Empire. Another problem was its defeat in World War I.

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What problems did the roman empire face?

war i guess

What problems did the austrio-Hungarian empire face?

The Austrio-Hungarian Empire faced the problem of war.

What problems does the austro Hungarian empire face?

The Austro-Hungarian empire was dissolved after World War I. It faced numerous problems in terms of a military that was not unified as well as weak leadership.

Who attacked Serbia in World War I?

Austrohungarian monarhy

What problems did the song dynasty face in controlling its empire?

A problem the song dynsty faced was not having enough soilders to control their empire.

What economic problems did the roman empire face in the third century?

There were a number of economic problems that the Roman Empire faced in the third century. There was military anarchy, plague, civil and other factors that led to economic depression.

What problems did the Ottoman Empire face in the 1800s?

The problem they faced were nationalist revolts break out and Young Turks demanding a reform.

What problems did the roman empire face after Marcus aurelies death?

his sucesor was a terrorist, who slaughtered and persecuted many intelectuals and senators.

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What challenges did the Franks face in trying to receive the Roman Empire?

The challenges that the Franks faced in trying to receive the Roman Empire were: 1. The Roman Empire was attacked by several tribes like Goths and Vandals. 2. Administrative problems.

What problems did the Roman Empire have?

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Which of Rome's internal problems hurt the empire the most?

which of romes internal problems hurt the empire the most

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