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I've heard of this before and the best thing to do is take your bike into a "chop shop" and have them configure your bike to suit your needs.

2006-08-29 06:34:45
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Does riding a motorcycle help to end your period faster?

Riding a motorcycle doesn't help to end your period faster.

What is the minimum age for riding a motorcycle?

This depends upon which state you are operating the motorcycle in.

Why does Shadow the Hedgehog ride a motorcycle?

Possibly because he enjoys riding a motorcycle.

Do you get air in your ear riding motorcycle?


Do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Australia?

Well yes, I you're riding a motorcycle. You even need a bike helmet when riding a bike. Seatbelts in cars, etc.

Which men's gloves are best when motorcycle riding?

The best gloves for motorcycle riding are the Men's Motorcycle Gloves from Bionic Gloves. They are comfortable, fit well, durable and are the only gloves to be designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon.

Where can one purchase a leather jacket to wear while riding a motorcycle?

Many larger motorcycle and ATV dealers have riding leathers in their showroom for sale. Some online stores that specialize in leather motorcycle jackets are Motorcycle Super Store, Leatherup and Bikebandit.

How do you join MotoGP 125cc?

by riding motorcycle fast.

Did Snoopy have a race number when riding his Motorcycle?


Is riding a motorcycle for one hour too long?


Can you use your snowboarding helmet for riding your motorcycle?

Seriously? NO.

Where can one purchase durable trousers for riding a motorcycle?

One can purchase durable trousers for riding a motorcycle when one goes to the website of eBay. There is a wide selection of motorcycle pants. There is also a webpage on eBay about motorcycle pants and one should read this before making their purchase.

Were is the charging system on a craftsman riding mower?

Beneath the flywheel.

What is the fastest motorcycle?

Suzuki hayabusa it is the fast motorcycle in the world. This motorcycle looks heavy but it is light and your ride is with ease. This motorcycle has fast speed and must be handled carefully when riding.

What is the age reguirement on riding a motorcycle?

You can learn from as young as 13

Do you shut off the fuel valve after riding a motorcycle?


What motorcycle was Lawrence of Arabia riding when killed?

A Brough Superior

Can you wear earphones while riding a motorcycle in Maryland?


What actress was killed with a scarf when riding a motorcycle?

nancy reagan

What injuries can harm the skeletal system?

like riding motorcycle

Why would a motorcycle stop running while riding?


Is riding a motorcycle possible in Alaska?

yes but only in the summer

How long do you have to wear a helment on a motorcycle in Minnesota?

As long as you are riding the motorcycle in the state. Helmets are required by Minnesota law.

Does riding motorcycles require a different license from driving cars?

Yes. Just as riding on a motorcycle is very different from riding in a car, DRIVING a motorcycle is also very different from driving a car. To ensure that you are safe to drive a motorcycle on the road, states require that you get a separate motor licence. Your state DMV will have more information.

If Im riding a motorcycle should I look at my GPS or the car in front of me?

If you are riding on a motorcycle, you should be paying attention to the car in front of you. If you look at your GPS, you could crash into the car or something else.