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* adaptation

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Q: What process helps organism increases its chance of survival through?
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Related questions

According to a theory of evolution an organism increases its chance of survival through what process?


According to the theory of evolution an organism increases its chance of survival through a process known as?


What the importance of mitochondria to organism survival?

Every organism need energy.Mitochondria produce energy through respiration.

What process does an organism get its gene from the parent?

every organism comes from parents through the process of

Struggle for survival?

it is what the organism goes through in order to survive in the choosen environment.

What is an apomict?

An apomict is any apomitic plant or organism - that is, any plant or organism which goes through reproduction without going through the process of fertilization.

What describes how an organism looks?

Microbiology is the study that describes how an organism looks. These is a process where organisms are viewed through a microscope.

The process through which a genetically identical cell or organism is produced is known as what?


What do you call organisms that make their own food through photosynthesis?

An organism that makes its own food through the process of photosynthesis is called an autotroph. Another word to describe this type of organism would be: producer.

What process allows a unicellular organism like an amoeba to eliminate waste?

Through exocytosis

When a multi-cellular organism is cut the injury is repaired through the process of?

cell division

Natural selection is the process by?

Natural selection is the process by which traits are passed down through generations due to factors which affect the survival or reproductive capabilities of a population.

How do energy and nutrients flow differently through an ecosystem?

It all depends on the plants because plants give off energy to a organism and then that organism gives it to another organism and the process continues.

What are morphological adaptations?

it is a stuctural adaptation that enhances an organism survival. e.g fish breathing through their gills, mimicry(king snake and coral snake)

If you break a cocoon what organism will you find-pupae or butterfly?

It really depends on how far through the process the insect is. Do not break cocoons, for you will kill the organism inside it!

The energy role of the first organism in a food chain is always a?

A producer is always the first organism in a food chain and can make its own food through the process of photosynthesis.

How would a fossil form through mineral replacement?

Fossils form through the process of mineral replacement beginning when an organism dies and is buried. Groundwater seeps around the organism, and the minerals in the water gradually replace the minerals in the hard parts of the organism. Over time these minerals turn into a stone replica of an organism.

How would an area with little biodiversity thrive if one organism were to die out?

through the process of adaptaion.

How does variation hurt an organism?

Actually variation helps, because it increases diversity within the population increasing chances of survival of the population in the cases of environmental disaster, disease, etc. Some individual organisms in the population die and some live, more diversity the more likely some will live through whatever may happen.

What is the chemical reaction's through which an organism builds up or breaks down materials as it carries out its life process?

The process is called metabolism.

Why is cell differentiation a necessary process in a developing multi cellular organism?

because it is a part of the process a plant cell goes through i think

Explain why the phrase survival of the fittest does not accurately reflect Darwin's concept of evolutionary fitness?

Darwin's concept of evolutionary fitness refers to how the genes reproduced through generations are those that are necessary to survival. So, if an organism has a genetic trait that makes it susceptible to prey, then it gets killed and cannot pass its genetic information to offspring. So, its trait is lost over time. This is Darwin's concept. The phrase "survival of the fittest" is not accurate in terms of Darwin because it refers to strong organism, which is not necessarily the case in terms of survival through genetic traits. These traits may be present in a small, weak organism, which may not seem strong and physically fit, but its genes are still passed on since it survives

What changes during a mutation?

During mutation, the genome of an organism changes. In the process of replication, that cells go through, it causes the rest of the organism to mutate as well.

Building of organic molecules by an organism?

An organism builds organic molecules through the process of anabolism. It is a type of metabolism that synthesizes complex molecules from simpler ones.

Which life process is not necessary in order for an individual organism to survive?

I would say metamorphosis because not all species go through it. Metamorphosis is the process when a young organism that looks nothing like the adult, becomes an adult.