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Is the process anabolic or catabolic of cellular respiration?

Cellular respiration is a catabolic process.

Process that is made up of breathing and cellular respiration?

Cellular respiration.

Process made up of breathing and cellular respiration?

Cellular Respiration

Is cellular respiration a physical property?

Cellular respiration is a biochemical process.

How is this different from cellular respiration?

How is what different from cellular respiration? If you mean photosynthesis, then cellular respiration is basically the reverse process.

Which item listed is NOT produced in the process of cellular respiration?

C6H12O6 ( glucose ) is not produced by the process of cellular respiration.

What does ATP have to do with cellular respiration?

ATP is produced through the process of cellular respiration.

How are the processes of cellular respiration alike?

Cellular respiration is a Process that consumes oxygen and releases energy and it is a catabolic process.

Do humans carry out the process of cellular respiration?

Yes - cellular respiration is a process carried out in every living cell.

Where does the aerobic process of cellular respiration take place?

The Aerobic Process of Cellular Respiration takes place in the Mitochondria

What cellular process produces ATP?

cellular respiration

What is the role of germinating soybeans in cellular respiration experiment?

go to the process of cellular respiration.

If photosynthesis is the process that deposits energy in a savings account then what is cellular respiration?

Cellular respiration is the process that "withdraws" the energy.

What does the cellular respiration have to do with homeostasis?

by using cellular respiration you are actually helping the process called homeostasis.

Which term is a process that happens within the mitochondria as part od cellular respiration?

cellular respiration

What is a simple explanation of cellular respiration?

Cellular respiration is a process that releases energy from food and oxygen.

The process by which energy is provided at the cellular level?

Cellular respiration

Cellular respiration is the opposite of what other cellular process?


How does the cellular process of omosis occur?

how does cellular respiration occur

Which life process is related to the mitochondrion?

cellular respiration/respiration

What do humans do with CO2?

They release it after the process of CellularRespiration and Respiration.

What is respiration and cellular respiration and how are they related?

respiration is breathing and cellular respiration is a metabolic process that captures the chemical energy from foods in the form of ATP.

Compare aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration?

Aerobic respiration is cellular respiration using oxygen. However anaerobic respiration is the cellular respiration process that does not use oxygen.

Define aerobic cellular respiration?

Aerobic Cellular Respiration means the process by which the energy from glucose is released in the presence of oxygen is called as aerobic cellular respiration.

What so cellular respiration and fermentation have in common?

Cellular respiration and fermentation have one process in common. That is Glycolysis.