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first it is helpful to make a list of items. second, decide which ones are time sensitive, such as: needing answers/action by certain time frame. third, determine how long each task will take. finally, if you are female,(females multi-task better than males) decide if there are tasks that can be done at the same time. for instance, (1)make a list: I need to fold clothes (20 min) pay bills (10 min) vacume the house ( 30 min) clean the car (30 min) buy groceries (60 min) go to the post office.(20 min) Items that are time sensitive: paying bills. So, first I pay the bills, then fold the clothes, vacume the house, leave and go by the car wash, clean the car, drive to post office buy stamps and mail the bills, then drive to the grocery store and buy groceries.

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Q: What process or procedure do you use to determining top priorities of items requiring your attention?
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