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The process that produces sperm and eggs is the reproduction process. The sperms works to fertilize the egg and most mammals use this process for reproducing.

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Yes. This process produces gametes called eggs in females and sperm in males.

Its called a Hermaphrodite

Sperm are produced in the testicles by a layer of cells in the seminiferous tubules. Eggs are produced in follicles in in the ovaries.

No, a rooster produces sperm as do most males

Fertilization can happen either inturnaly in a fish that produces both eggs and sperm or exturanly with a fish that produces on sperm.

gametogenesis. Formation og the games is when sperm and eggs are producede. Sperm are made in the process of spermatogenesis, and eggs (or the oocyte) by oogenesis.

Meiosis. This process also produces sperm cells.

It is spermatogenesis which is a form of meiosis

Meiosis generates gametes (sperm and eggs cells). The combination of the gametes makes the zygotes. So, the process meiosis produces only half of a zygote.

This process is known as fertilization.

Spermatogenesis is the process by which a male (animal or human) produces sperm.

The male forces the unfertilized eggs out of the female by squeezing her. As the eggs emerge from her cloaca, the male coats them in sperm. The sperm seeps into the eggs from the outside. This whole process is called amplexus.

sperm is produced in the testes (testicles); eggs come from the ovaries. Eggs are not actually produced by the ovaries, every woman is born ith the eggs already in place. The eggs mature in the ovaries and are released from there when they are "ripe".

a TDM process the way the sperm travels to the eggs inside a female.

female: Ovary which produces eggs male: Testis which produce sperm

well he cums Testicular meiosis produces sperm. Ovarian meiosis produces eggs

Ok technicaly every GIRL produces eggsEvery guy produces spermOk when those eggs are ready you will or might get your period once you get your period you are no longer vunrable to get pregnetAnd if this is what you were asking you just produce eggsHope i helped

The female fish lays her eggs. Then the male comes and spreads his sperm across her clutch of eggs. This process is called Oviparous.

Internal fertilization is when the sperm is directly deposited into the female, who produces eggs and fertilizes them in her body

Sex cells are haploid.So they are produced through mieosis.

To get a female pregnant, your sperm has to reach her eggs. That is the process of pregnancy.

Eggs released sperm attacks the egg egg and sperm are now together then your egg is fertilized !!

The idea that one testicle produces female and the other produces male sperm is not true. Both testicles produce both X and Y sperm.

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