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What process produces urea?

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kidney,bladder,urinary bladder

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What is the process called when urea is formed?

It's called the Bosch-Meiser urea process. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urea

What is the process called to form urea?

Urea is formed in two places: your body, and chemical plants.Urea made in your body is formed through the Urea Cycle.Urea made in a chemical plant comes from the Bosch-Meiser Urea Process.

What is the purpose of urea cycle?

The urea cycle uses 2 ammonia and 1 carbon dioxide. Ornitine is converted to urea in this process. Ammonia is toxic and that is why the urea cycle exists - to consume them.

Which excretory organ eleminates urea?

liver is the the vital part of body which takes part in many processe .it produces urea during the breakdown of glycogen to glucose in order to provide energy to the body . this is not exactly the excretory organ but takes part in excretion process assembly

Does the liver deaminate fatty acids?

Deamination is a process that occurs in the liver that removes the nitrogen-containing portions (-NH2 groups) from the amino acids. These -NH2 groups subsequently react to form a waste called urea. The liver therefore produces urea from amino groups formed by deamination of amino acids. The blood carries urea to the kidneys, where it is excreted in urine.

Which organ produces urea when amino acids are broken down?

The liver produces urea when it metabolises (breaks down) proteins. This is done in hepatocytes (liver cells). Amino acids are first broken down into ammonia, which is highly soluble and toxic in the blood plasma, so ammonia is joined with carbon dioxide to make urea, this is less soluble and less toxic but a build up of urea is toxic in the blood. Urea is then transported in the blood to be filtered out by the kidneys.

What substances do liver produce?

the liver produces glycogen and urea which is the main substance of urine

What is the process that produces sex cells?

The process that produces sex cells is Meiosis.

Which process produces reproductive cells?

The process of meiosis produces reproductive cells.

Components of excretory system?

Skin - Eliminates waste through pores of the skin. Large intestines - Eliminates food waste through the process of defecation. Lungs - Exhales carbon dioxide and water vapor through respiration. Kidneys - Excrete uric acid, urea, electrolytes, water, and other waste through the process of urination. Liver - Produces urea and discharges bile.

What process produces ethanol and lactic acid?

The process that produces ethanol is alcoholic fermentation. The process that produces lactic acid is lactic acid fermentation.

What is the process of granular urea preparation in fertilizer plants?

Taking a 50000 tons urea fertilizer plant as an example, the process of making granular urea fertilizer as follows: materials batching, raw materials mixing, materials crushing, granulation by pan granulator, urea granules drying, cooling, granular urea screening, packaging etc. the whole process includes at least eight fertilizer machines to work together. Of course, your fertilizer yearly yield depends on the number of fertilizer machines. At the same, you should consider the raw materials of urea fertilizer and urea shape. This is a video shows the whole process of making fertilizer in fertilizer plant.

Which process reduces the concentration of urea in the blood of humans?

The term 'urea' is actually the body's way of eliminating Ammonia wastes from cells metabolism. In the blood the urea is a waste product which is eventually excreted through the glomeruli in the kidneys and eventually leaves the body via urine. The process is called Glomerular Filtration. Also there is a lesser amount of urea excreted in sweat.

What is the excretory product other than urea formed by liver?

In addition to urea, the liver produces bilirubin as a result of the recycling of red blood cells. The bilirubin is excreted through bile.

Which process produces gametes?

Meosis produces gametes

What process produces proteins?

Translation produces proteins.

What process produces mRNA?

Transcription produces MRNA.

Which process produces deep sea trenches?

Subduction is the process that produces deep sea trenches.

What is the process that produces haploid sex cells?

The process that produces haploid sex cells is mitosis.

What is the name of the process that produces the various types of RNA?

The name of the process that produces the various types of RNA is called transcription. The process produces a single-stranded molecule of RNA.

How is the urea made in the human body?

Urea is made in the body by the liver, it is a by product produced in the process of removing ammonia, Ammonia is extremely toxic for the human body. Urea is then excreted from the blood filtered through the kidneys.

What are the process of getting the licensee of urea?

There are no licenses involved with the production of urea. The process they use was invented in 1920 by the German chemical combine "IG Farben" and the patent was confiscated by the United States after World War II for use in this country. You can make all the synthetic urea you want and no one will say anything.

What process produces an identical copy of DNA?

Mitosis is the process that produces genetically indentical copies of DNA.

How does urea affect dyeing of fabrics?

Urea helps the dye penetrate the fabric. Moisture is an important component of the chemical reaction process with dyes, and urea helps draw moisture to the chemical reaction. Urea also helps to keep the fabric damp long enough for the reaction to occur.

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