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Sperm are produced in the testicles by a layer of cells in the seminiferous tubules. Eggs are produced in follicles in in the ovaries.

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Its called a Hermaphrodite

The process that produces sperm and eggs is the reproduction process. The sperms works to fertilize the egg and most mammals use this process for reproducing.

Yes. This process produces gametes called eggs in females and sperm in males.

No, a rooster produces sperm as do most males

Fertilization can happen either inturnaly in a fish that produces both eggs and sperm or exturanly with a fish that produces on sperm.

sperm is produced in the testes (testicles); eggs come from the ovaries. Eggs are not actually produced by the ovaries, every woman is born ith the eggs already in place. The eggs mature in the ovaries and are released from there when they are "ripe".

female: Ovary which produces eggs male: Testis which produce sperm

well he cums Testicular meiosis produces sperm. Ovarian meiosis produces eggs

Ok technicaly every GIRL produces eggsEvery guy produces spermOk when those eggs are ready you will or might get your period once you get your period you are no longer vunrable to get pregnetAnd if this is what you were asking you just produce eggsHope i helped

Internal fertilization is when the sperm is directly deposited into the female, who produces eggs and fertilizes them in her body

Sex cells are haploid.So they are produced through mieosis.

The idea that one testicle produces female and the other produces male sperm is not true. Both testicles produce both X and Y sperm.

The reproductive system produces sperm cells.

Males of every species have an ingrained need to keep their genes alive. The more sperm a male produces and the more eggs a female produces greatly increases the odds that a pregnancy will happen.

A female is born with all the eggs she will ever have. Her body does not produce eggs like the male's produces sperm. The ovaries release the egg monthly but they do not produce eggs.

eggs and sperm are haploid cells

Sperm and eggs are sex cells.

No. He produces ejaculatory secretions, but no living sperm is in them.

Testis produces sperm cells.... nganu palag

Gametogenesis that produces sperm is called spermatogenesis. This occurs in the testes.

The male body, from puberty into old age, is continuously producing sperm. Unlike the female body which is born with a certain number of eggs and never produces anymore.

Gametes are the sperm and eggs (or ova). Human sex organs only produce these.

the human male body naturally produces sperm unless you do drugs which will stop or lessen your sperm count:)

a lot of sperm die soon to find out the eggs.

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