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What product cleans pennies best?

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Cleaning PenniesUse copper polish if you want them shiny. Be gentle on pennies minted after 1983, though; they're copper-plated zinc, so rough polishing could remove the copper plating entirely.

You should know that you should never clean coins that may have collectible value. Even though the cleaning makes them look "shinier," such cleaning removes most or all collectible value. As strange as it may seem to those who aren't numismatists, brown or "toned" coins can be more valuable, because cleaning removes some of the original material, and can leave marks that look bad under standard 10x magnification.

I have seen coins cleaned with many household items and experimented with some myself. In one collection I purchased, the collector had even made notes of what he had cleaned various coins with and when. Although several different products will produce a bright coin, in almost every case within a few months or years the coin will look worse than it did before the cleaning.

Don't clean a penny unless your a expert at cleaning pennies. I did it when I was 10 and they still look awful. So take my advice. They will look better if you don't do it. Good luck on everything.

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What cleans pennies best?


What substance best cleans pennies best?


What cleans pennies the best?

lemon jucie

Does tomato juice clean pennies best?

no. The thing that cleans pennies the best is chicken broth! imagine that!

Why does grape juice clean pennies best?

Grape juice is not the best choice for cleaning pennies. Lemon juice cleans pennies best due to its acidity.

What type of liquid cleans pennies the best?

soap and water

Which liquid cleans pennies the best?

apple cider vinegar

What juice cleans copper pennies best?

lemon juice

What cleans pennies best Coke water or vinegar?


What is the hypothesis to which kind of juice cleans pennies best orange or apple juice?

What is the hypothesis to which kind of juice cleans a penny best

Why does lemon juice clean copper pennies?

Lemon cleans pennies the best because of the acid in the juice.

What material cleans a penny the best?

what materital clean pennies better

What cleans pennies best lemon juice or water?

Lemon Juice.

What kind of juice cleans pennies best lemon or orange?


What cleans pennies best ketchup or hot sauce?

neither just melt the pennies then make a new one :)

What cleans pennies the best coke or pepsi soft drinks?

Coke and it also cleans battery contacts on a car or trk.

What kind of juice cleans pennies best and why?

lemon juice, because it has antioxidense!>*^#$

Which juice cleans pennies the best grape juice or orange?

orange juice

What does pop do to pennies?

it cleans them

What type of juice cleans pennies best?

i have to do a science project on that. i say orange juice

What cleans pennies best water lemon juice or dish soap?

lemon juice

What cleans pennies best Dr Pepper root beer coke or 7up?


What liquids and juices cleans pennies best?

Vinegar, I'm not really sure, though.

What are three things that cleans pennies best?

im not sure if it cleans it best BUT probably acetone(nail polish remover) and i heard coke if you put it over night

What juice cleans pennies the best fruit punch or orange juice or grape juice?

well I know lemon juice cleans them hope this helps

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